What does Charlemagne love?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he likes school and mostly liberal arts. He aslo shows compashion for his children and church.

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Q: What does Charlemagne love?
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What American president won the Charlemagne Prize?

the American president who won the Charlemagne prize was Bill Clinton.

Why was Charles the great so great?

Charles the Great (better known to the Western world by his French name, Charlemagne) was king of France. But, like most kings during the Middle ages he was not content to remain king of such a small domain. So Charlemagne expanded his empire by conquering parts of Spain and Germany. At this point, the Pope was having a great deal of trouble with some rebellious tribes in the north of Italy, and he requested that Charlemagne trot down to Italy to subdue them. Charlemagne settled the outbreak easily. So grateful was the Pope that he declared Charlemagne "Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire" in 800 AD This put Charlemagne in a very powerful position; however, he remained humble and grounded throughout his life. He improved the school system immeasurably, and was considered the best-educated man in Europe, apart from his teacher. Interestingly enough, Charlemagne never learned to write anything more than his name, although he is said to have kept a writing-pad under his pillow and practiced every day upon waking. After Charlemagne died there was no leader strong enough to keep his empire together and it broke into small pieces that could not be reconciled.

Where did Charlemagne live during the last years of his life?

in Aachen, now that's in Germany

Why did Charlemagne come down so hard on the Saxons?

Because the Saxons had mistreated the Franks, and because he wanted Christianity to become the dominant religion.

Was Europe before Charlemagne really in a 'Dark Age'?

Yes, because he introduced them to modern era thinking and practices. These new ways were crucial for Europe to thrive.

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Who were the greatest monarchs from Europe?

Charlemagne and Elizabeth the First, methinks. I would love to see the results of this!

Who was King Charlemagne?

A king that was named charlemagne

What is Charlemagne's first and last name?

Obviously Charlemagne's first name is Charlemagne and Charlemagne's last name was Merovingian. His name stood for "Charles the Great"

Father of Charlemagne?

Charlemagne's father was Pepin the Short

What did Charlemagne led?

Charlemagne led The Franks, or The Germans

What kind of man was Charlemagne?

Charlemagne was bad ass!!

Who was the successor of Charlemagne?

Charlemagne's successor was Louis the Pious.

When was Charlemagne - film - created?

Charlemagne - film - was created in 1933.

When did Charlemagne Tower die?

Charlemagne Tower died in 1889.

When was Charlemagne Tower born?

Charlemagne Tower was born in 1809.

What is the ISBN of The Charlemagne Pursuit?

The ISBN of The Charlemagne Pursuit is 9780345485793.

When was The Charlemagne Pursuit created?

The Charlemagne Pursuit was created in 2008.