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cannot vote in a closed Republican primary.

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If they are not with the democratic party, republican party, or the tea party, you are called Independent Voter

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independent voter novanet

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Q: What is a person called who does not identify with or regularly support a particular political party?
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There has been a decline in partisan identification and loyalty to parties What is this called?

This is commonly referred to as dealignment, where individuals are less attached to political parties and may not consistently identify with or support a particular party.

What type of political party forms to support a particular issue and fades quickly?

I think you are talking about interest groups

When an interest group gives money to its lobbyist to support a particular political candidate that money frequently comes from?

a. membership dues you're welcome ;)

What is meant by partisanship?

Partisanship refers to strong support for a particular political party, often leading individuals to be biased in favor of their party's policies and candidates. It can shape attitudes and decisions, affecting how people view political issues and interact with those from different parties.

What political party does Wikipedia support?

Obviously, democrats, and in particular Obama...all their wikipedia info about Obama is from Obama supporting agencies. No controversies are sighted anywhere on the page. Don't get your religious or political information from wikipedia.

What is the role of party identification?

This term probably refers to the Political party that you identify with or the one you support. If you like the Republican party, then you will support their candidate and you can say that is your party identification or affiliation.

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What are political units?

A political unit is a group of people that join together in support of a series of political views. Often times a political unit is formed to support a political party during an election.

Provides government jobs in exchange for political support?

patronage-exchanging government jobs and contracts for political support

What is money that is given to political to support their candidates?

"Hard money" is money that is given to political parties in support of candidates.

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