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The common soldier was underpaid (if paid at all), suffered in the cold, and died of sickness. During The Revolution, a small mutiny of soldiers took place in the New Jersey Line, involving two hundred men who defied their officers and started out for the state capital in Trenton. General George Washington, with 600 of his troops marched on the mutineers and surrounded and disarmed them. The tree ringleaders were put on trial immediately, in the field. One was pardoned, and two were shot by firing squads made up of their friends, who wept as they pulled the triggers. It was "an example," Washington said. Earlier that same year a similar mutiny took place. Afraid that the rebellion would spread to his own forces, Washington ordered General Anthony Wayne not to use force, but suggested Wayne gather a list of the soldiers' grievances. He then sent Knox rushing to New England on his horse to get three months' pay for the soldiers. And during The American Revolution, privates in the army earned $6.66 a month, while colonels earned $75.00 a month. FYI- I got all of this information from Howard Zinn's classic national bestseller book A Peoples History Of The United States 1492 - Present. He is a wonderful historian. I hope my information has helped.

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Q: What were the grievances of the American troops who mutineed during the American Revolution?
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