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If someone set the length of the floor debate, it would be the Speaker of the House.

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Q: Who sets the length of floor debate on bills pending before the full House?
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Does the house of representative have limited debate where as the senate have unlimited debate?

Yes, the House of Representatives have limited debate.

What does it mean when a house is labeled pending Feasibility?

Pending feasibility. This is a semi educated guess. The house is a pending sale with a contract that has multiple contingencies that may cause the sale to fall through feasibility: there is a study done to see if the property around the location is build able and dividable.To put it simply, it means that someone has put in an offer on the property, but they want to have a study done to make sure they can do what they would like to do with it before they actually purchase it.Our MLS has many "Pending" statuses and "Pending feasibility" is usually used for a vacant property while "Pending Inspection" is primarily used for residnetial properties with improvements such as a house.

What action can a member of the house take to close debate?

what action can a member of the house take to close debate

Who has limited debate the house or the senate?

House of Representatives

What are house wares?

This is a ware house where goods are kept pending payments of customs duties

What may end debate on a bill on the floor of the house?

motion to end debate

House music is from which country?

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Who calls a bill to debate on the floor?

The House Rules Committee places the bill on a calendar for floor debate in the House or the Senate.

Which House calendar is used for bills that require little or no debate?


Unlike the House the Senate has a legislative process with what?

few limits on debate.

What do you call the chair man in a debate?

In the UK he is called the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Floor debate in the house is governed by?

It is the United States House Committee on Rules that governs floor debate. It is often referred to simply as the Rules Committee.