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Theodore Roosevelt still holds the distinction of being the nation's youngest President. He was William McKinley's Vice President, and he was 42 years of age when he was sworn in as President following McKinley's assassination in 1901.

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35. same as president, because the VP must be able to take over the position should the president die or otherwise become incapacitated.

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Q: Who was the youngest vice president to become president?
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Who was the youngest U.S. president to be inaugurated?

The youngest man to become president was Theodore Roosevelt at age 43. As vice president, Roosevelt became president after the death of William McKinley. The youngest man to be elected president was John Kennedy at age 44.

Who was the youngest vice president elected?

14th Vice President John C. Breckinridge (36)

Was Richard Nixon the youngest vice president?


What state has the youngest and oldest vice president of the us?

Both the youngest U.S. Vice President, John C. Breckinridge, and the oldest, Alben W. Barkley, were from Kentucky.

Who was vice president on May 14 1953?

Richard M. Nixon (the second-youngest Vice President in U.S. history)

Who is the second youngest vice president?

The second-youngest U. S. Vice President ever was Richard Nixon. He was 40 years and eleven days of age when he took office in 1953.

How long does a vice president have to be to become president?

you dont have to be vice president in order to become president ...or 16 inches.

What US President was elected the youngest?

Technically John F. Kennedy was elected the youngest but the youngest president in office was Roosevelt. (Roosevelt was elected Vice President in 1900 and became President when President William McKinley was assassinated.)

Who was the youngest vice president to take over as president of the united states?

Sarah Palin

Was president Clinton the youngest president?

Um... no. The youngest president was Theodore Roosevelt (42) although he took office because he was the vice president of William McKinley, who was assassinated. The youngest president ever to be ELECTED was John F. Kennedy (43).

Was John F. Kennedy the youngest us president?

Theodore Roosevelt was the Vice President under William McKinley and was the youngest president to hold officer when McKinley was assassinated. John F. Kennedy was youngest president elected to office.

Who will become president if the president and the vice-president die?

They will hold another election for the vice president ONLY.