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No they do not light up, although it would be nice if they did! As a matter of fact in time the letters will rub off from wear.

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2012-08-28 17:24:30
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Q: 2001 maxima Are the buttons on the steering wheel for radio and cruise control supposed to light up with headlights on?
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Are the control buttons on the steering wheel and the clock supposed to light up on my 03 Infinity G35?

Yes they are, all of the G35 models that Infinity has made have the feature of the backlit control buttons and clocks. Very Nice Car!

Where is the cruise control located on a 2004 Nissan Xterra?

The three buttons on the right side of the steering wheel are your cruise control buttons. On, off, and reset.

How do you replace the steering wheel radio and cruise control buttons on a 1999 Lincoln town-car your buttons have melted?

replace the whole steering wheel cause once the buttons have melted??...they wont work anyway.

How do you turn on the headlights on a 1997 Chevy cavalier Z24?

To turn on the headlights, you twist upwards --twice-- the control to the left of your steering wheel -- the control looks just like the control that works your windshield wipers on the left side of your steering wheel. If you twist the control only once, it will just illuminate your dashboard lights I think... that's what happens with my Z24 anyways.

Why don't the radio and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel of your 2000 BMW 328i work?

bad "clock spring" in steering wheel behind air bag

What are the dashboard switches citroen c3?

There are over a dozen switches on the dashboard so you need to specify which switch. On the display screen there are two button to set time, date, language. Below that is the hazard light and just below this is central locking control. On the side of the radio you have control buttons for Child safety lock, Anti intrusion alarms, ESP, Parking assistance. On the instrument panel you have a button on the left to control dashboard illumination and on the right side is a similar button to reset maintenance and trip indicator. On the right side of the steering below the vent is the control for wing mirrors, and next to this is a knob to adjust the headlights. On the left side of the steering is another control to adjust the steering column. You have a few more buttons around the display for the ventilation system for front and rear window demister, air conditioning, and fan with adjustment for direction of air flow. Cars with cruise controls may have additional buttons on the Steering wheel.

How do you reset Traction control system?

There are two buttons (one on left side of steering wheel and one on the right side of steering wheel) that beeps often when driving, what does that mean?

Where is the clock spring located for a 1995 aerostar cruise control?

The clock spring would be inside the plastic steering column cover ( it allows you to turn the steering wheel without " breaking " the wiring connection to your horn and steering wheel mounted cruise control buttons )

Why did your steering wheel mounted radio control buttons stop working?

The wires through the steering column and the rotating connections probably have a break or a bad connection. the steering wheel may have to be pulled to find the cause.

Which fuse controls the steering wheel cruise control horn on a 97 I30t?

The horn fuse is under the hood next to the battery. It also controls the power to the steering wheel's cruise control buttons. The fuse is 10 amp.

How many buttons on a Wii control?

there are nine buttons on a wii control

What is purpose of clock spring on a 1997 ford f150?

As far as I know the clock spring allows the wiring to the steering wheel horn and cruise control buttons to feed in and out when the steering wheel is turned

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