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Put your foot on the brake. Most/all newer cars have an interlock that keeps you from shifting from park to drive without your foot on the brake. Sometimes if you park the car on a hill, it will be difficult to move the shifter out of park. That's why some people use the emergency brake before putting the car into park when parking on a hill or incline (like a driveway)

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2006-04-01 18:19:33
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Q: How do you get your 2001 Pontiac Aztec out of park while engine is running?
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Can a loose positive battery cable prevent the alternator from charging the batter and can it cause a battery drain while the engine is not running?

Yes, a loose battery cable will prevent the alternator from charging the battery. The drain on the battery is not caused by the engine not running unless an accessory is left on. Most likely, the drain is caused by accessories (radio, lights, etc) while the engine is running due to the battery not receiving its charge from the alternator and then not having enough charge left to start the engine.

How do you check your altinator?

take it to autozone they test for free failing that try this pre-90's car? unplug the battery while running if the engine dies it's probably a bad alternator (or the alternator is too small for the electrical load of the vehicle) after 90's? hook a multimeter to the battery while engine is running the voltage should be between 13.5 and 15.5 volts depending on engine rpm

How long does a car remain running while turned on with a remote car start?

The remote just connects the starter selenoid with the battery, when it completes the circuit, the engine starts and will run until it runs out of gas or the engine is disabled.

Where is the starter in a car?

At the back end of the engine is a large ring gear connected to the engine crankshaft. If there is a starter (some engines do not have starters) it will be mounted in the engine such that the bendix gear of the starter can engage the ring gear and spin the crankshaft. It's called a bendix because it jumps out to engage the ring gear (while the starter motor is running) and retracts off of the ring gear once the engine is running (starter motor no longer running). It is typically access from under the car. If you must replace it, let the engine cool off first. Otherwise the starter will be just as hot as the engine is.

Car won't start how to check for bad alternator?

Take a volt meter and check voltage at battery terminals. First test voltage with engine turned off. Then start the engine and test voltage again while running. Battery voltage should always be higher when the engine is running. Battery voltage should never fall below 12.5 volts or higher then 15 volts, with engine running on most cars. Some auto part stores will test your charging system for free.

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