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It is best to remove one wire, measure it up against the new set to find one close to the same length, and replace that one wire. Then move on to the next one. Worse thing you can do is just pull them all off.

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2005-11-20 04:29:12
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Q: How do you put the spark plug wires on in the right order?
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Why does your Mustang misfire?

The main reason a car misfires is because the spark plug wires are not installed correctly. Check the car's firing order to ensure the spark plug wires running from the distributor cap to the spark plugs (in the cylinders) are in the right order. One or more spark plugs could be damaged or worn so the firing order is correct, but the spark plugs are not sparking into the spark plug wires to ignite the engine.

What order do the spark plug wires have to be in on the distributor cap?

They have to be in the firing order.

How do you change the spark plug wires in a 97 lumina?

Disconnect the battery, and remove the spark plug wires one by one. Replace the spark plug wires in the same order, ensure the connection is firm, and connect the battery.

What is the correct firing order for both coil packs for each spark plug on a 1992 4cyl ranger?

what is the correct fireing order for each indiviual coil pack to each spark-plug, i need to know if i have the spark-plug wires connected to the coils in the right spot, and to the right coil

Dodge 440 spark plug firing order?

Need the firing order for spark plug wires to distributor on a 1978 Dodge 440

Can you show picture of firing order for Chevy 350 engine?

Answerbuy putting wires on right spark pi am Charles i need a firing order on a Chevy van 20 350engine v8 how doi put the spark plug wires on right

What is the order of spark plug wires on a 1991 Continental?

Are you wanting to know the order of the wires on the engine or the distributer cap?

How do you change spark plug wires on 05 Dakota?

This is a trick question, you don't. They don't have pulg wires, they have a little coil right above each spark plug.

What order does the spark plug wires go on a 92 gsxr 750?

The left coil wires go to 1 and 4 the the right coil wires go to 2 and 3.

Do you install spark plugs according to firing mode?

No the spark plug wires have to be in firing order

How do you install spark plug wires?

you would follow the spark plaug wires from the disributor to the spark plug and replace it. Spark plug wires are different sizes in length depending on where they go. Also make sure they are in the right order or your engine might run rough.

What are the order spark plug wires?

1993 Ford Escort 1.9 Liter Engine Spark Plug to Distributor Cap Wire Order: Looking at the engine from the front of the car, the distributor cap is to the right of the engine (or on the driver's side of the car looking from the front of the car. The spark plug wires come from each spark plug and terminate on the distributor cap. They plug in to the distributor cap. Looking at the engine from the front of the car, the spark plugs (left to right) are identified as spark plug "A", spark plug "B", spark plug "C" and spark plug "D". "A" wire comes from the "A" spark plug to the 4th (right most) hole on the distributor cap; "B" wire comes from the "B" spark plug to the 3rd (2nd right most) hole on the distributor cap; "C" wire comes from the "C" spark plug to the 2nd (left most) hole on the distributor cap and the "D" wire comes from the "D" spark plug to the left most hole on the distributor cap.

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