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There are two kinds, single-component epoxies and two-component epoxies. Both are available at home centers, with a caveat I'll explain later. Single-component epoxy is oil-based paint that contains epoxy ester. Now understand: it's really good oil-based paint. It's just not epoxy. Two-component epoxy know what epoxy glue is, right? It comes in two containers. You mix component A with component B in a precise ratio, stir them together and work like a dog to do the job before the epoxy hardens in the mixing container. If you were to thin it out some and add colorant to it, you'd have two-component epoxy paint. This is used on industrial floors because it's very hard and sticks to the floor really well. It's also used as automotive primer, and it's excellent. Here's the caveat I spoke of earlier: if you go to a home center you can get two-component epoxy garage floor paint from Rustoleum. They buy it in huge quantities from whoever's got the best price right now, package each component in a quart can, then sell it to you for about $100. This is completely out of line. Go to an industrial paint store--Sherwin-Williams has a nationwide chain of them--and get it there; you'll save a few bucks.

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Q: What is epoxy based paint?
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Can you epoxy paint over an existing oil based paint?

The epoxy will stick really well to the oil based paint......but your outcome will depend on how well the existing oil based paint is attached to the item.

Can you paint over a water based paint with an epoxy based paint?

Only if the water based paint is a primer. If not,then paint a primer first.

What is the difference between cement paint and cement based paint?

Acrylic or epoxy based paint for cement surfaces is called cement paint.Cement that includes acrylic or epoxy to coat surfaces is called cement based paint.

What paint is waterproof?

Anything epoxy based, but be aware you will need epoxy thinner for clean up.

Can you paint epoxy over oil based enamel?

Yes, you can.

What is good waterproof paint?

Anything epoxy based, but be aware you will need epoxy thinner for clean up.

Can you paint over epoxy pool paint with epoxy? can paint over epoxy pool paint with epoxy. Make sure the surface is degreased first.

Should you sand before applying epoxy over oil based paint?

You should remove the oil based paint before applying the epoxy. Many epoxies will actually act as a remover when put over oil-based paints.

Paint kitchen cabinets?

Yes. With either an oil based paint over a high adhesion primer, like XIM, a single part epoxy or a multi-part epoxy.

What paint do they use for playground equipment?

I've seen it done with heavy duty enamel and epoxy based paint.

Can you paint a surfboard with epoxy paint?

Yes, epoxy paint is ideal for items like surfboards.

Can you paint epoxy over polyurethane?

Yes, you can paint epoxy over polyurethane.

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