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Blower motor speed resistors are generally located close to the blower motor.

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Q: Where is the blower resistor located on a 97 cadillac?
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Where is blower motor on 1997 Buick skylark?

where is the blower motor resistor located on 97 buick skylark

Where is the blower motor resistor on 97 Chevy astro van located?

Under hood passenger side near fender

Is the blower motor resister for a 97 Cadillac Seville in the blower motor?

It's close to the blower motor.

What is name of fuse which controls the heater blower in a 97 Cadillac DeVille?

HCAC fuse should be under the hood

Where is the air conditioner evaporator drain hose located on a 97 cadillac deville?

it is located behind the engine as part of the blower mtr assembly thru the fire wall. you must lower the engine a little to remove and replace it.

Were is the coil located 97 Cadillac Catera?

the coil is behind the motor

Where exactly is the fan blower fuse for speeds 12 3 on a 1996 Volvo 850 T5 turbo estate and what does it look like?

The fuse should be under the hood in the fuse panel it is #32 on the 97 850 sedan. blower speed 4 is on a separate fuse. I had the problem of speeds 1,2,3 not working and the culprit was the balast resistor. it is ceramic unlike the metal coils used in the American cars. the ceramic deteriorates and the wires break inside the resistor. see answer for ......Where is the air and heater blower relay located on a Volvo 850?.... to find out where the resistor is located.

Where is the blower relay located on 97 Escort LX wagon?

My 97 escort LX sedan has a blower relay located above and to the left of the fuse panel located below the dash next to the door frame. You almost have to be a contortionist to see it since it is located behind the dash panels.

Where is the heater control valve located on a 1997 Cadillac deville d elegance?

97 cadillac deville heater controll

Where is the resistor block on a '97 Chevy Cavalier?

What do you mean resistor block, what does is do. There is not such thing called that. Controls fan speed... somewhere in dash Blower motor resistor? It's way up under the passenger side of the dash. You have to take the blower motor out. Right up next to the firewall. You should take out the passenger seat to get up in there.

Why 97 explorer Eddie Bauer electronic climate control is not on plus blower motor stays on all the time even with the engine turned off you have replace the climate control unit but still not working?

You will need to replace the blower motor control unit located inside the blower motor housing, this part is not the same as the part on standard explorers, it is not the same blower motor resistor.

What do you think the problems is When your 97 safari heatair fan will not work on any speed?

your blower motor resistor is probably shoul dbe replaced.

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