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If the bike currently stalls once it gets hot this should help.

Assuming your turning the choke off chances are you have a problem with your carb, specifically the choke. Good way to check is remove the spark plug and see if its clean. If you see black soot all over it your getting too rich a mixture and that's likely a carb fault. If so take it off, inspect the choke mech is working properly, make sure when you turn it off its actually all the way off within the carb. Since it off check nothing else is plugged and clean it. reinstall, start with choke on, bring up to temp and start again without choke

THis fixed my son's xr80 with the same issue.

Good Luck

also i would check your ring because i have had the same problem you ring gets hot and it looses its spring and doesnt have enough compression to start

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2011-09-14 08:42:36
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Q: You own a KTM 125 SX and it will only start when it's cold the gas is off and the choke is onWhat do you do?
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depending on year..... (fuel injection)cold start valve not working try removing it and clean it with carb cleaner if it dont work replace it. (carburettor when cold only) choke not working undo the 3 small screws holdong the choke mechanism to the carb turn the choke unit so the tension on the brass butterfly tightens (at top of carb primary venturi) but not too much if the butterfly is already shut speed up the choke idle speed located behind and to the rear of the choke mechanism. damp in ignition system ( but this would usuall cause running problems too) remove distributor cap dry inside with a rag and spray wd40 or water repellant and refit cap.. also spray around spark plugs and coil, but remember to dry first cos wd4o can trap the damp inside added by bheilers: you also might consider checking the OVPR (overvoltage Protection Relay) located on the firewall in the engine compartment behind the batter on most models. It would either have 2 10 amp fuses on the top or if its a aftermarket brand, would have a single 10amp fuse. Check the fuse(s) if they or it is blown replace and try starting the car again. the OVPR is a common issue with the 190 and 300 series MB's

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