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Yes, women can have hernias. Have you ever heard of a himnia?

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Q: Can women have hernias
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What are hernia symptoms in women?

Hernia symptoms in women include : aches, lumps, and pain. Different hernias have different symptoms. Sometimes hernias in women are harder to locate.

Who develops femoral hernias more often?

Femoral hernias are a relatively uncommon type, accounting for only 3% of all hernias. While femoral hernias can occur in both males and females, almost all of them develop in women

Can women have femoral hernias or inguinal hernias?

Yes. Men are affected more frequently, due to the fact that they attempt heavy lifting more often.

Do hernias only occur in the male reproductive system?

There is a wide varieties of hernias that can occur on many places of the body, both in children, women, young and elderly men.

What people show the greatest likelihood of needing inguinal hernia repair?

The majority of hernias occur in males. Nearly 25% of men and only 2% of women in the United States will develop inguinal hernias. Inguinal hernias occur nearly three times more often in African American adults than in Caucasians.

Is a direct hernia congenital or acquired?

Direct hernias are acquired, Indirect hernias are congenital.

Which hernia is also called a incisional hernia?

Incisional hernias are also ventral hernias.

Can hernias shrink your penis?

No penis once grow they will not shrink, neither will a hernias cause it to shrink.

Are hernias dangerous?


How can a woman get a hernia?

Both men and women can get hernias the same way, a weak place in the muscles of the wall of a body cavity splits and allows the cavity contents to protrude. Hernias involving the abdominal cavity are common in men and women. They can happen any place in the abdominal wall muscles. They are called ventral hernias. A type more common in men, but also seen in women, occurs in the groin area called the inguinal area on either (or both) sides of the low abdomen and are called inguinal hernias. These frequently show up after a heavy lifting strain and protrude/"rupture". A lump may appear in the area with the pain which is actually a portion of bowel protruding through the muscle opening. In men, inguinal hernias may not show a lump in the inguinal area if the area of weakness is at the bottom and bowel slips into the scrotum and protrudes there as a lump in the scrotum. Other common places in the abdominal cavity wall that can "rupture" are in the area around or near the belly button, which are called umbilical hernias, or at an incision site from a previous surgery called incisional hernias.

Can hernias cause erectile dysfunction?

hernias are fun they smell like cows that go moo moo oink

What are the steps to take to relieve hernias?

Some hernias are bad enough that they require surgery. Other ways to relieve hernias are acupuncture, yoga, and depending on what part of the body is herniated, eating smaller meals.

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