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it would be wiser to sit down and relax after a heavy meal becaus all of your energy has been used to digest your food. but if you are looking to lose some wait but not need to eat less it is wise to work out or run a mile before you eat because your body will be working alot faster and your matabilism speeds up for 30-45 minutes this means you will digest your food faster and the fat will not have as much time to be collected into your body. so eat well rest plentiful and excrecise regularly and you will have a swimsuit body in about 3 weeks if you keep a regular rutine of this. good luck

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Rest.... always, your body will take blood from other areas to help the stomach in digesting the food ( this is why you feel sleepy after a large meal ) plus all the exursion on a full stomach will most likely result in vomiting :(

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Q: Is it wiser to rest or exercise after a heavy meal?
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Is it better to exercise or rest before sweezing a clothespin?

It is better to rest before you squeeze the clothespin, because your muscles aren't tired.If you exercise before squeezing the clothespin than you and your muscles will be tired, because you have just finished a weared out exercise

Does partial pressure of oxygen increase during exercise?

You can consume up to ten times as much oxygen in exercise as at rest, and produce the same increase in CO2.

What if your heartbeat is 100?

100 beats per minute, during aerobic exercise, is fine. Depending on your health, this can be maintained for various periods of time: a half-hour would be a pretty long period of exercise but not excessive. However, if your heartbeat is 100 beats per minute when you're resting, you'll probably want to get a health checkup. At rest, the normal heartbeat is approximately 72 beats per minute on average.

What happens to the 62 percent of the total energy of glucose that is not used to make ATP molecules?

The remaining energy is lost as heat due to the 2nd law of thermodynamics. According to that law, only part of the energy will transfer and the rest will be lost as heat. For example, and engine uses part of the energy for motion and the rest dissipates through heat.

How does exercise affect the pH of blood in a living organism?

The decease in pH is caused often by an increase in C02 levels, so the body reacts by increasing the rates of respiration so as to flush out the C02 from body back into the atmosphere. In addition the renal and alimentary system increases the rate of excretion of NaBicarbonate which removes H+ from the body. C02 + H20 <=> H+ + HC03-

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What heavy exercise the buildup of lactic acid in muscle cells results?

Oxygen Debt- A cumulative deficit of oxygen resulting from intense exercise; the deficit must be made up when the body returns to rest.

Is dumplings meal starters?

Dumplings can be used as appetizers, meal starters or just a dish with the rest of the food.

What is the normal heart rate of a child at rest?

about 60 at rest, but up to 180 with exercise.

How do you promote optimal activity exercise rest and sleep?

The best way to promote optimal activity, exercise, rest, and sleep is to be a good model. You must be what you preach.

Should you exercise before or after a meal?

Exercise should be performed in the morning on empty stomach and it is good to have light breakfast after exercise. One should also remember that don't just rest after meals. It is good to have slow walk for 10-15 minutes after meals. Very important thing about exercise, which I always convey to all my patients is "How much exercise you do is not important but how regular you do is more important". Do not give a break to exercise even if it is your own wedding day. Generally, it's best to exercise after meals. Your body needs readily available energy to burn in order to perform well and exercising when you're hungry and deprived of energy isn't the best. On the other hand, exercising strenuously immediately after a meal could cause cramps or an upset stomach- it's probably best to wait a half hour or more after a meal before exercising. If you are about to exercise, a light snack such as a protein-enriched granola bar might be best if it's a while before your next meal.

What is the importance of exercise and rest?

Keeps us healthy

What exercise intensity requires no muscular contractions?


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No but it Isn't the healthyest rest stop.

What is the odd one out soccer badminton exercise basketball?

Badminton the rest use balls

What can you do to make your self taller?

exercise, correct food and rest

Is shabbat the meal?

No, Shabbat is the day of rest during which the festive meals are eaten.

Why do anaconda sleep after they eat?

To conserve energy, and rest while they digest their meal.