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Carbohydrates are targeted by amylase.

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Q: What macromolecules are target by amylase?
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What macromolecules are targeted amylase?

Carbohydrates are targeted by amylase.

What macromolecules targeted by amylase?

Carbohydrates are targeted by amylase.

What enzyme dissolves starch?

Amylase enzymes.

What is the name of the enzyme that digests starch?


Is ptylin an alpha amylase or beta amylase?

Ptyalin is an alpha-amylase. It is the alpha-amylase found in saliva

What dissolves starch?

amylase:) amylase:)

What macromolecules are in honey?

Honey hasn't macromolecules.

Where is amylase released?

The enzyme amylase is released in the mouth, referred as the salivary amylase, and in the duodenum of the small intestine by the pancreas, referred as the pancreatic amylase.

What Enzymes are responsible for breakdown of starches?

They are Broken down by Amylase Enymes.

What breaks down macromolecules using digestive enzymes?

Well, you have asked a very large, yet incomplete question. There are 4 macromolecules which make up all biological systems at the cellular level. These include proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acid. Each type of macromolecule serves a different function, as do different forms of the same type. Carbohydrates, which are natural sugar compounds, are used first by the body as fast energy. Lipids are stored as energy in the form of fatty acids (when you don't use consumed energy, you store and build up fatty acids). Proteins are used last, proteins are also associated with many functions. Nucleic acid macromolecules constitute DNA and RNA, which together hold genetic material and code for the development of life forms. As far enzymes go, there are many that digest different macromolecules in many ways. I am sorry, there is simply no short answer to your question, you would do well to buy multiple biology textbooks and get down with them. However I believe the first enzyme that acts on consumed macromolecules is Amylase, Amylase exists in your saliva and breaks down starch (a carbohydrate) to glucose molecules in order to be converted to energy through aerobic respiration. Amylase also acts on starch throughout the body. Good luck learning about the magical living world.

How does saliva alpha amylase work?

Amylase is an enzyme that induces hydrolysis of starches, breaking them down into sugar. Saliva alpha amylase is simply a type of amylase.

What type of compound and bond is hydrolized by the alpha amylase?

Alpha bonds are hydrolised by alpha amylase. The alpha amylase is the sole form of amylase found in all mammals.