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There are very few real advantages to global warming because global warming is causing climate change.

  • More rain in some places might seem to be a benefit, but other places will experience drought and famine.
  • Increased warmth and increased carbon dioxide are thought by some to encourage plant growth. Studies are showing that this is usually not the case. Farmers will have to change to different crops to deal with increased temperatures.
  • Warmer climates may have some benefits for cold countries, but the warmth is also melting frozen tundra, releasing methane, and increasing the rate of global warming.
  • Warmer climates are not beneficial for equatorial countries that are already warm.
  • There is no advantage in sea level rise, especially to the world's great cities built on low-lying coasts.
  • Ocean acidification is another disadvantage to increased atmospheric CO2.

Every small advantage that might result tends to be counterbalanced by much more severe disadvantages elsewhere.

A: Some known benefits:

  • Increased agricultural productivity & land (more rain, warmth & CO2)
  • Longer growing seasons for plant life.
  • Greening of some of the Earth's vast frozen land masses
  • Increased wildlife habitat, provided migratory pathways to new locations can be found and populations can take hold.
  • More bountiful food for animal life (or less in areas subject to desertification).
  • Less net global energy heating requirement for humans (offset by increased need for cooling--air conditioning tends to be more expensive than heating).
  • Less cold related severe weather and death (offset by increases in heat stroke--far more people tend to die from heat than cold each year).
  • More pleasant temperatures for economic activity and outdoor activity/recreation.
  • If we are very lucky and warm enough, we may even avert the next ice age. These occur like clockwork and wipe out substantial animal and plant life on the planet.
  • Animals and birds may not need to migrate so far for water (and food as a consequence of the extra water).
  • Tropical Rain forests- Global warming could see these increase.
  • The benefits do not even come close to the drawbacks though.

Climate scientists are realistic about what their modelling can achieve. They know they can predict global warming with some accuracy, and they know that they can predict some of the likely consequences of global warming, but most of the predicted outcomes are expected to be negative, including loss of biodiversity, widespread economic and social hardship, and risk to health. However, among the losers there are likely to be some winners. For example, scientific predictions are for more prolonged droughts in some areas and for more frequent severe flooding in others, but there may well be other areas that benefit by more optimum rainfall.

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You are countering yourself in every example!??
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There are no advantages!

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Q: What are the advantages of global warming?
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