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An atom of fluorine has the greatest attraction among all atoms for electrons; therefore, no other atom can extract an electron from a fluorine atom, as would be required for the fluorine to have a positive oxidation state.

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Q: Why is fluorine oxidation state never positive?
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Why is the oxidation state of fluorine never positive?

An element exhibits a positive oxidation state when it is bonded to a more electronegative element. Fluorine is the most electronegative of all the elements. But what if fluorine bonds with extremely elecronegative oxygen and nitrogen ligands like -OCF3, -OTeF5, -OIO2F2, -N(SO2CF3)2, -N3, -N5(pentazole ligand) etc.? eg: F-OTeF5

Which of these elements has an oxidation state of -1?


What is the oxidation stateof F in HOF?

oxidation state of Fluorine is always -1.

What is the oxidation states of the elements in FClO4?

FClO4 is the name of Fluorine perchlorate.Here Chlorine is in +7 oxidation state, Fluorine is in -1 oxidation state, 3 atoms of Oxygen (that are double bonded to Chlorine) are in -2 oxidation state, and the forth Oxygen atom (which is connected to Fluorine and Chlorine) is in 0 oxidation state.So, total charge = 7(of Chlorine) -1(of Fluorine) -(2 * 3)(of 3 Oxygen) +0(of Fourth Oxygen) = 0

Is there any compound in which fluorine has 1 oxidation state?


What is the chemical propertie of fluorine?

Fluorine is a highly electronegative compound, and combines with numerous elements to form compounds with the fluorine in -I oxidation state.

How can you calculate the oxidation state of fluorine in O2F2?

To calculate the oxidation state of fluorine in O2F2, first draw a diagram of the molecule: F-O-O-F Determine the most electronegative atom(s), which are fluorines -- the most electronegative atom there is. Being in the group 7A, a fluoride ion would gain an electron to a -1 charge, so each has an oxidation number of -1. The oxygens, therefore, have an oxidation number of +1 each.

What are the properties of fluorine?

Fluorine is located in period 2 and group 17 in the periodic table. It is the known strongest non metal. It never gains a positive oxidation state. The corresponding acid, HF, is a weak acid. Fluorine reacts with almost all other elements and destroy many of the organic compounds forming carbon tetrafluoride and hydrogen fluoride.

Which elments are cations positive oxidation state?

Metals form cations and have positive oxidation states.

Does cadmium have more than one positive oxidation state?

Under normal conditions, +2 is cadmium's only positive oxidation state.

What is the formula for hypofluorous acid?

HFO2 is fluorous acid, though it is purely a hypothetic compound with fluorine in the impossible oxidation state for fluorine of +3!The simplest acid with fluorine in it is the common HF (liquid/gas, Bp. 19.5oC) called: hydrofluoric acid or hydrogen fluoride (oxidation state +1).

What ir the highest oxidation number of florine in compounds?

In all its compounds, fluorine has an oxidation number of -1. In its diatomic molecular form that is stable at standard temperature and pressure, fluorine is considered to have an oxidation state of 0. Mathematically, -1 is less than 0.