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Olde English, Middle English, Modern English and slang English and lingo of English.

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Q: What is another form of the English language?
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How did the American language form?

I think you mean the English language.

Ielts full form?

IELTS is a test. It stands for the International English Language Testing System, and its full form assesses candidates' English ability when English is a second language to them.

What importance is English as a language at home?

English is a very useful language to know, because it is widely spoken all over the world as a first or second language, and because of many great works of art, in the form of books, movies, songs, etc., that exist in English, however, if you would rather speak another language at home, there is no reason not to do so. If you are trying to learn English then of course, any practice that you get will help you with that process. Perhaps you can speak another language at home but also read English language books.

What does ebaide?

There is no such word as ebaide in the English language. Try another language.

Is Irish equivalent to English?

Béarla - English language If you mean "is Irish the same as English", the answer is no. Irish Gaelic is a distinct language. Hiberno-English is a form of English.

When did pear enter the English language?

Pear grew up in the English language. It is the modern form of the Old English word peru.

Is sign language a visual form of English?

American Sign Language (ASL) is not a form of visual English. It is its own language. A form of visual English is Signed English. In this method of signing, many ASL signs are used but the sentence structure is that of the English language. Also, many ASL signs are "initialized" meaning there are different handshapes corresponding to the correct first letter of the English word intended.

What is magalang in English?

The word "magalang" is in Tagalog form (national language of the Philippines). In English language, it means "respectful".

What does idiolect mean in English language?

Idiolect is a form of language unique to an individual

Is it their or their?

In the English language, their is the possessive form of them or themselves; their is not a word.

What is an advanced form of receptive language?

The advanced form of receptive language is then passing the language back on to another.

Why does a haiku have 17 syllables?

Just because that is the poetic form in English. Haikus vary in syllables sometimes, because the form comes over from another language, but 17 is the standard.