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All US states allow insurance companies to sell and provide domestic partner coverage.

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Q: What states allow insurance for domestic partners?
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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida allow insurance for a significant other?

you can find a Florida Agent . Please note that CA law is restrictive on the definition of domestic partner AnswerBlueCross BlueShield of Florida does offer coverage for domestic partners. Whether same sex or not, if you live together you can consider yourselves domestic partners and be on the same plan.

Can you add girlfriend to medical insurance in Ohio?

The answer is yes, but with a few big ifs. Ohio law does not require health insurers or employers to offer what is called "domestic partner" coverage. The employer can choose to offer it, and to set rules about who qualifies as a domestic partner. A casual dating situation will not likely allow you to add her. But if you have a serious relationship and are able to show some evidence of that -- such as a joint lease, shared mortgage, etc. -- then you might be able to add her. If your employer does not offer coverage to domestic partners, then you could buy insurance for her separately.

Can engaged heterosexual couples claim the other on health insurance?

Your employers' plans may allow you to cover "domestic partners". To qualify as a domestic partner, you will have to show some proof -- such as a joint lease or joint checking account. Some plans' standards are quite high, so be prepared to shower them with proof. Assuming that you qualify, then one of you can join the other's health plan before the wedding.

Will health insurance cover my girlfriend?

If you purchase your own health insurance plan, I think you can add anyone to it that you like. If you mean the health insurance from your job, it varies a lot from state to state. Some states have "domestic partnerships" that would allow you to add your girlfriend to the policy. You usually have to prove that you are in a "spousal relationship" - shared bills, etc. i

How do you get auto insurance to drive anyone's vehicle?

Contact an agent some states allow/offer 'drivers' insurance coverage/polices.

Can your boyfriend and you get on the same medical insurance?

For individual coverage, probably not. Group plans yes, if you qualify under the companies rules as a domestic partner, if they allow it.

Which US States have legalized domestic partnerships?

California;Oregon;Maryland;New Jersey;Washington state;Nevada;Maine; and,Wisconsin.

What two states allow for coverage of mobile homes under standard homeowner insurance policies?

Are there only two states out of 50?

How many days is a new car insured for after purchase?

Most states it's five days. some states allow 30 days. some insurance companies will allow you to roll insurance from one vehicle to another temporarily. but you will still have to get one or the other insured.

Can you be legal driving without car insurance?

Financial ResponsibilityIt is possible in the United States. Some states allow you to post a cash bond with your State Department of Insurance in lieu of auto insurance and some states will allow you to be self insured. The laws in the USA after all do not require you purchase Auto Insurance, it does require you carry proof of Financial Responsibility whenever you are operating a motor vehicle on public roads which can usually be met in any one of several ways delineated under your states laws.Happy Motoring

Can a domestic partner inherit a deceased partner's property?

Some states have passed laws that give a right of inheritance to domestic partners. Some states allow committed couples to register a domestic partnership that gives rights of inheritance. If you live in a state that does not provide legal rights to domestic partners then your surviving partner has no legal rights if you die. Since inheritance rights vary from state to state couples who are not legally married should always obtain legal advice in their state of residence to make certain they take the necessary legal steps to protect their partner in the event of their death. That protection may require a valid will or trust.

Where to Find inexpensive car insurance for college student?

Inexpensive car insurance for a college student can be found by having the student's insurance on the parent's policy. Some states allow for the parent to have a college student on their insurance until they graduate.