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What instrument did William Shakespeare play

William Shakespeare is not known to have played an instrument.

What was an important effect of the invention of the printing press

A decrease in the price of books - APEX

What were the three types of northern Renaissance music

Sacred, secular, and instrumental

I know there was the 1. classical, mainly instrumental. 2. church music, hymns influenced by Martin Luther who believed that the congregation should take an active part in the church service, scripture through worship. 3. I think were the operas

What are early Northern Renaissance paintings known for

Their attention to detail

Who were main characters in William Shakespeares plays

romeo & Juliet

What changes took place in religion in europe as a result of martin luther's protest


What was one of the main factors that helped the Renaissance spread

Growing economic prosperity

Increased trade


Why did the Renaissance take place in northern Italy

Italy traded with the Byzantine Empire and Islamic world. The region had political stability and wealth.

What best describes the character of humanism


Which did Queen Elizabeth I do

She pursued moderate Protestantism in England. she defeated the Spanish Armada She supported Protestantism.

Why were more Europeans literate during the Renaissance

More Europeans were literate because of several things:

  • Improving economies
  • A growing interest in religious works
  • An interest in record keeping
Which sacrament did Martin Luther eliminate

Penance Marriage

How did the use of pointed arches change cathedrals

They allowed cathedrals to have more windows.

They allowed cathedrals to become taller.

How did art change in the Renaissance

It was no longer only about religion.

It became more secular.

It was no longer only about religion.

People became more the focus of art.

And artists tried to paint realistically.

Which was a difference between Lutheranism and Anabaptist beliefs

Anabaptists were against infant baptism

When did Henry VIII break away from the catholic church

Henry the VIII broke away from the catholic church in 1533.

When did the late Middle Ages start

During the Middle Ages. But late.

What is true of Europe after the fall of Rome

It's power was divided

What was the most important factor in cause Martin Luther to lead the reformation

The selling of indulgences.

What useful device did the sumerians build for irrigation


Was Michelangelo Buonarroti a northern renaissance artist

No, he was an artist of the Italian High Renaissance.

Why did Henry VIII want Parliament to dissolve England's ties to a Catholic Church

henry viii wanted a different wife

How was northern Italy different from Southern Italy at the beginning of the Renaissance-

The Northern Italy was different from Southern Italy at the beginning of the Renaissance in terms of development whereby the Northern was more developed than the Southern.

What was the Inquisition

The Inquisition was a group if institutions within the government system of the Catholic Church, whose aim was to combat heresy. It started in 12th century France and spread to other European countries resulting in the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. Minor religions were more numerous in these countries

How Renaissance scholarship differ from that of previous eras

It was more secular.

Which did William Shakespeare not wirte

Epic poems

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