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If 10.0g of ammonium carbonate are combined with an excess of silver sulfate to produce silver carbonate and ammonium sulfate how many grams of silver carbonate are produced

The balanced reaction is this:

(NH4)CO3 + Ag2SO4 ---> Ag2CO3 + (NH4)2SO4

To solve this:

1) convert the 10.0 grams of (NH4)CO3 into moles (see Related Questions)

2) determine the stoichiometry of the reaction to determine how many moles of Ag2CO3 are produced (see Related Questions)

3) because there is an excess of Ag2SO4 , the number of moles of (NH4)CO3 will determine the number of moles of Ag2CO3

4) convert the number of moles of Ag2CO3 into grams (see Related Questions)

Phosphorus 32 has a half life of 14.3 days. How many grams of phosphorus 32 remain after 57.2 days if you start with 4.0 grams of the isotope

0.25 grams of isotope will remain.

What is the minority party whip in Congress

The leader of a minority party is called the minority leader (House Minority Leader and Senate Minority Leader). The whip(in the majority or minority party) is the leader's deputy who serves as the assistant floor leader. The party's whip has the job of watching how the party members vote on bills, persuading the members to vote as the party wishes, and seeing that the members of that particular party are present on the floor to vote.

How long would it take a pot of chicken soup to cool to a safe temperature

According to the 2005 FDA Food Code, the soup should be cooled from 140°F to 70°F within 2 hours. The cooling from 70°F to 41°F should be within an additional 4 hours.

You should be proactive about cooling the soup. Place the soup in shallow containers, no deeper than 3 inches, stir occasionally to aid cooling. Or place the pot of soup in an ice bath and stir the soup to distribute the cold. Or add ice to the soup itself (cook it thicker).

Write an exponential function and graph the function


What is a congressional session in which both houses meet together

Join session

What is 30 percent of 1250

Break down the question to parts that are easier to do. Since you are trying to find 30% of 1250, let's figure out what is 10% of 1250 and multiply the answer by 3. (1250 x 0.10) x 3 = 125 x 3 = 375. So, 30% of 1250 is 375.
30% of 1250 is 375

How old must a person be to be elected to the US To the Senate

30 years old.

What is the term limit on the US House of Representatives

The term length for a US House of Representatives member is two years.

What would be the products of a dehydration reaction for Na3PO4 and 12 H2O

Na3PO4 • 12 H2O (s) ----> Na3PO4 (s) + 12 H2O (g)

Who is in charge of the legislative branch on the national level

There are two parts to the Legislative Branch, they are Senate and House of Representatives. In the House of Representatives the leader is always from the majority party. In the House of Representatives the leader is called the Speaker of the House. In the Senate, from the majority party, their leader is called the President Pro-tem.

What is 75 percent of 1070

To find 75 percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.75. In this instance, 0.75 x 1070 = 802.5. Therefore, 75 percent of 1070 is equal to 802.5.

How much do you need to deposit now into an account which pays you 3 percent compounded monthly to have 10000 in 25 years

Deposit 4776.06

The frequency of compounding does not matter since the annual interest rate is given.

What the answer for to find the number of moles equal to 1.48 10 24 molecules na2o

If you mean 1.48 x 1024 molecules, just divide by 6.022 x 1023

= 2.46 moles

What is the number of moles in 510 g of Al2S3

510 g Al2S3 is equal to 3,396 moles.

What is the number of moles in a 0.135 grams of HNO3

0,135 grams of HNO3 is equal to 0,002 moles.

How many moles present in 7.68 grams of calcium nitride

7,68 grams of calcium nitride is equal to 0,052 moles.

How many grams of Na3PO4 will be needed to produce 525 mL of a solution that has a concentration of Na ions of 0.900 M

Na3PO4 ==> 3Na^+ + PO4^3-
Note 1 mole Na3PO4 produces 3 moles Na^+
moles Na3PO4 needed = 0.900 mol/L x 0.525 L x 1 mol/3 mol Na = 0.1575 moles
mass Na3PO4 = 0.1575 moles Na3PO4 x 164 g/mol = 25.83 grams = 25.8 g (3 sig figs)

How many moles are in 2.5 moles of silver

2,5 moles of silver is equal to 269,6705 g.

In 2008 the town of RIngwood NJ had a population of about 280000 and a growth rate of 0.85 per year. Write an equation to represent the population of RIngwood since 2008. According to the equation wha

The population in year Y is represented by

P(Y-2008) = 280000 + 0.85*(Y - 2008), for Y >= 2008.

If the second part of the question is what I think it might be, then simply substitute the given value of Y in this equation.

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