History of the United States

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Who won the battle at verdun

The Battle of Verdun was part of World War 1, and was fought between France and the German Empire. The result of the battle was a victory for France.

What were problems with government during the Progressive Era

corruption, spoil system(patronage), muckrakers.....

What form of government created the federal reserve system

The American Republic created the first federal reserve system.

Which US President was in office at the completion of the Panama Canal

Woodrow Wilson

A protective tariff on manufactured goods would cause the prices of those goods to go lower or higher

generally, the price would go higher.

When did progressivism begin

Progressivism began in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Progressive Party was founded by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.

Where did Theodore Roosevelt became president

Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as US President following the assassination of President William McKinley in Buffalo NY

What is one of the changes business reformers wanted to see during the Progressive Era

An end to labor unions.

How did the Panama Canal boost commerce

It made travel between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean much faster.

It made it unnecessary to sail around South America.

What did the United states do as a result of the Roosevelt Corollary

It became more involved in the debt of Latin American.
Took action when Latin American countries had debt problems

Which vice president was sworn in as the 30th president following president Hardings death

Calvin Coolidge was the one.

What was true about the Panama Canal

It greatly reduced the time required for ships traveling from the eastern to the western United States. It also saved travel time for ships of all nations. To get to either the Pacific or Atlantic oceans became a shorter trip than traveling around the southern tip of Argentina.

What was bourgeoisie during the Industrial Revolution

middle class people

What is true of the Treaty of Versailles

What was true of the Treaty of Versailles?

What has the author A B Malone written

A. B. Malone has written:

'Community attitudes toward the mentally ill and attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help'

Which group in Hawaii was in favor of annexation by the United states

reform party members

Which election best demonstrates the influence of the progressive party

The 1912 election of Theodore Roosevelt.

In 1914 a quick German victory in the war was prevented as a result of what

the first battle of marne

Which argument would most likely be attributed to a Progressive reformer

"Reduce the power of corrupt party leaders.

What statement would a member of the social gospel most likely agree with


What was the main concern of the environmental movement during the Progressive Era

managing and conversing natural resources

What was the economic impact of Chinese exclusion act

it limited the supply of labor in the west

The goal of wilsons fourteen points was to

The goal was to prevent future wars

A supporter of the progressive movement would most support which government policies

the answer is C

Henry Cabot lodge supported what policies

All Of The Above


What President Theodore Roosevelt would most agree with statements

No single company should control an entire industry

What nation emerged as the strongest of the new superpowers after World War 2

The United States

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