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What type of policy is a certainty that the insurance company will have to make payment


What is the purpose of the loans made by the World Bank

To promote sustainable development

What is the main intention of boycotts

To get countries or companies to stop doing something objectionable

How does the WTO promote global free trade

By creating multilnational trade agreements

MULTILATERAL... not multinational.

Why does the IMF impose conditionality on countries that accept its loans

The IMF wants to help fix the economies of countries that need its help. <apex>

How has globalization helped work against human rights violations around the world

Improved global communications brings these abuses to the world's attention.

The existence of an international division of labor among countries enables those countries to have what

Specialized production

Why does globalization lead to a reduction in wages in developed countries

Increased mobility allows producers to move jobs to lower-cost labor markets.

Which of these is a reason why many don't support globalization

It only benefits a handful of the world's countries.

What does the World Bank hope will result from the loans it makes to developing countries

An improved climate for foreign investment

Why has globalization contributed to the rise of international terrorism

Globalization can bring about dislocation and inequality. Many people living in formerly prosperous, or at least formerly inhabitable, areas resent the abuse and illegal theft of their land, property, and natural resources by large, corrupt countries like the U.S. Many U.S. based countries employ slave labor in third world countries because slavery is illegal in the U.S. Additionally, most of the world's landmines and accessible weapons are made in the U.S., as the U.S. government refuses to acknowledge, possibly due to the large financial contributions made by weapons manufactures to politicians personal bank accounts/election campaigns, and so continues to make the country's rich richer by giving weapons to terrorists. Furthermore, the most practical, efficient, and effective way for a person who blames their life's problems on pseudo-demonic corporations to get revenge, and the only way such a person could improve the living conditions for his home's future generations (assuming he had a home and that home has not yet been bombed into the ground by the U.S. military while occupied by his family and friends) is to engage in guerrilla warfare, striking his enemies' unexpectedly and then retreating to the shadows before retaliation can be summoned. For additional information about the myriad negative effects of the current global economic system, see the link to the Story of Stuff.

Country X would enjoy an absolute advantage in the production of clothing under what circumstance

Its production costs for clothing were the lowest in the world.

Why don't many developing countries benefit from the spread of free trade

Many countries do not benefit from the spread of free trade, because they have weak domestic industries.

How does the WTO help stabilize the global economy

By assuring that producers will have open access to necessary resources

What was the result of developed countries extracting resources from their colonies

There was a one-way flow of wealth favoring the colonizers.

What is the reason for putting yourself on a budget

People put themselves on a budget to keep their expenses below their income.

How do flexible expenses differ from fixed expenses

Flexible expenses vary over time.

How do central banks impact the global economy

They influence the national money supply,which affects the volume of international trade.

What is the main purpose of foreign aid

Alleviate poverty and underdevelopment

Why do the actions of central banks have an important effect on the global economy

Control of the money supply determines how much money is available for international trade.

Why does the IMF impose conditions on its loans

To help manage the economies of struggling countries

How might a country respond to a trade embargo

It could pursue a policy of national self-sufficiency.

What is one of the benefits of the current pattern of global trade

Consumers pay lower prices for goods and services.

Which of these is a problem that globalization poses for the US government

Increased security concerns

Which two countries are the biggest and most successful of the new globalizers

China and India are the two biggest and most successful of the new globalizers.

Which of these describes how a five or one ARM mortgage works

The interest rate is fixed for five years and then changes every year afterward describes how a five or one arm mortgage works.

Why do lower labor costs in other countries lead to job loss in the United States

Lower labor costs in other countries lead to job less in the United States because it enables producers to undersell domestic producers.

What are the correct steps to show how a budget is made





What was the reason for support for the republicans

we dont knw so dont ask

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