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Which Renaissance painter was also the author of the art-theory treatise On Perspective for Painting

Piero della Francesca

Which Michelangelo sculpture emphasized his mastery of human movement

The 'David' in Florence, Italy.

Proportion in a painting is achieved by balancing

the parts of the painting to the whole painting.

How do paintings done in the style of renassiance naturalism depict objects

with detail and accuracy

What was the afterlife of the main concern of which of these ancient civilizations

The afterlife was a main concern of the Egyptian civilization.

Byzantine art differed from the art produced in the Western Roman Empire because Byzantine artists

developed the use of abstarction

At the beginning of the Renaissance rich families in Florence became patrons of the arts in order to

display their wealth and splendor

Brunelleschi is credited with being the first artist to use

Brunelleschi is credited with being the first to use geometric principles for creating linear perspective.

In addition to painting and writing about art theory Piero della Francesca also made notable contributions in the field of

it is geometry

Objects in Renaissance Naturalist paintings were shown in

a natural setting

What did Brunelleschi introduce into the European painting

a mathematically correct from of linear perspective

The movement of Humanism was set in motion by

rediscovery of classical art and literature.

Renaissance-era patrons enabled artists to

Explore nonreligious themes.

How did the MΓ©rode Altarpiece stand out in its own time

It was the first painting of a fully equipped domestic interior. Campin may also have been the first artist to use oil paint, which allowed for more detailed and luminous paintings.

How did Masaccio represent bulk for his figures in the Tribute Money

Masaccio created the bulk of the figures by modeling with a light coming from a specific source outside the picture.

In addition to being an artist Brunelleschi was also an


In Raphael's portrait of bindo altoviti altoviti is shown in what

Raphaels portrait of Bindo Altoviti is shown in the National Gallery of Art. It is a famous painting.

What idea did alberti introduce in his famous work art theory on painting

art should imitate nature

The Medici family was important to the development of the Renaissance because its members were what

Wealthy patrons

Because of the influence of humanism Renaissance art focused on the importance of what

Human Beings

Humanism was an intellectual movement that emphasized which trait of humans

Humanism emphasized human rationality.

Look at Tribute Money from the Brancacci Chapel. Which of these elements helps create the illusion of depth in the painting

The contrast between bright clothing and a dark background (apex)

Masaccio was a significant painter because he helped to pioneer .

Mathematical perspective

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