African-American History

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Who were scalawags and carpetbaggers

Whites and Northerners who supported Republican policies in the South

What was the purpose of the Compromise of 1877

To settle the 1876 presidential election

What happened after gold was discovered in California in 1848

Many people began moving to the West

Which industry did Andrew Carnegie dominate


What happened when president Johnson vetoed radical reconstruction laws

congress passed the acts over his veto

What plan for the south did president Lincoln start working on before the civil war had ended

A plan to rebuild the South

What problems are associated with tenant farming and sharecropping

They extended social problems and lack of equality after the end of slavery

What events caused americans to move west right away

the 1848 discovery of gold in california

Why were Native American children sent to Indian schools in places like Carlisle Pennsylvania

to make them accept white culture by cuttling ties with their own culture

How did african americans respond to white business owners who wouldnt serve them during segregation

they started their own business to serve their community

Which of the following best describes the condition called debt peonage

having to stay at one job just to pay what you owe

What did President Grant help pass to prevent Southerners from using fear to shut African Americans out of the political process

President Grant helped to pass The Enforcements Act to prevent Southerners from using fear to shut African Americans out of the political process.

Why were some women against voting rights for women

They believed it went against the natural order of things, and they probably feared losing the opportunities they had to be wives and mothers.

Why did Native American men spend a lot of time hunting buffalo

The buffalo provided a variety of resources.

How did the black codes provide a steady source of labor for whites who owned farms

The black codes provided a steady source of labor for whites who owned farms, because African Americans who did not have jobs were made to serve time as forced laborers.

What issues most interested African American politicians on the local level

Education and public health

Blanche K Bruce is known for being which of the following

he was the only former slave to rule over the u.s. senate.! APEX!

What did the open ranges of Texas Colorado and Wyoming become important areas for

Cattle ranching

How did the railroad companies respond to the buffalo

They paid people to kill the buffalo so the animals would not block the tracks.

Which of the following did some Southern states require from African American voters

Poll taxes and literacy tests

The Homestead Act of 1862 helped African Americans move to which area

The western United States

According to the thirteenth amendment when could people be treated like slaves

If they committed a crimee...

What was the Dawes Act in 1887 meant to do

Destroy traditional native american life

Immigrants from which country came to the united States to build the railroads


African Americans who settled in the Plains region of the United states were known by what name

These African Americans who settled in the plains region of the United States were known as Exodusters.

The Fifteenth Amendment covers which of the following

allowed to vote regardless of color

The term new south describes the work of southerners in changing their what

all of the above

Ask us of the following best describes how important African American churches were to the success of freedmen after the Civil War

African American churches were the most important institutions

what was an economic effect of the transcontinental railroad

Goods produced in one region could be sent to another and sold.

what was the problem with the presidential election of 1876

leaking brown eye

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