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The colonists held the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia, PA. 12 colonies had delegates there, and Gallaway's Plan of Union was introduced. The colonists declared the Coercive Acts unconstitutional, and called for a complete Boston trade boycott. They also approved local preparation for armed resistance against the British.They agreed to meet in 6 months if the Acts were not repealed. It was at this time that Patrick Henry gave his famed speech to the Virginia legislature saying, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

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Q: What did the colonists do to rebel the coercive acts?
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What did the colonists called the coercive acts?

The Intolerable Acts

What effects did the Coercive Acts have on the colonists?


What was the colonists' name for the Coercive acts?

intolerable acts

What did the colonists call the Intolerable acts?

Coercive acts

What was colonists name for coercive acts?

The Intolerable Acts

How did the colonists show their for the coercive acts?

They called them the Intolerable acts

What did the colonists refer to the coercive acts as?


How did the colonists react to the coercive acts?

they were jdnjdbj

Why did the colonists refer to the coercive acts as intolerable acts?

they were so harsh

Why was the meeting of the first Continental congress in 1744 an important day?

It represented an attempt to unify colonies and colonists against the Coercive Acts.

What was the colonists name for the Coercive Act?

the colonists nicknamed the coersive acts the intolerable acts..

Reason for coercive or intolerable acts?

Britain enacted Coercive Acts on the Massachusetts colonists as a punishment for throwing a large shipment of tea into Boston harbor. The colonists referred to the laws as Intolerable Acts.