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Yes, and many who were way past that mark.

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it depends on when they were born.

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Q: Did men over 40 years of age fight in World War 2?
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Will the next world war be a fight for resources?

Well They said World War III will be in another sixty years over water and another energy sources. ( I hope that never happens )

Who old do you have to be to fight in world war 3?

4 years old probably

What is the number of years after World War 2?

As of 2013, World War II has been over for 68 years.

What was credited from World War 2?

we have learn that we should not fight and respect people from all over the world.

Why were the rosenbergs important?

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were spys in the years after world war 2, when the world was afraid that Russia would fight to take over new nations. They were important because their executions showed the world that the US would not tolerate spying.

What was more of a cause to WW1 the schlieffen plan or the arms race?

The Schlieffin plan did not cause World War 1. It was a battlefield strategy that Germany used to fight the war against France. Germany also used it as its strategy against France in World War 2. The Austrians had been mobilized to fight a war for over 50 years. They were ready to fight Serbia. Probably their mighty army caused the problem.

What war did the most Americans fight in?

Second World War, in which over 16 million Americans were inducted into the Armed Forces.

When was World War 1 and why did New Zealand send soldiers overseas to fight?

World War I was in the era of around the 1910's to the 1920's, with World War II to follow shortly afterwards. New Zealand sent troops over because they were our allies and they helped us fight to keep Germany from taking over the world.

Did Adolf Hitler fight in World War I?

He did fight in World War 1 and was injured in action.

Did japan fight in world war 2?

Yes, they fought the Philippines when they tried to take it over.

What did you get to go in the trenches?

To fight in the First World War or similar. To fight in the First World War or similar.

Did Lithuania fight in World War 2?

Lithuania did fight in World War 2 but it was part of Russia.