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The Russians fought in the war to help Serbia, WWI started with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austria wanted the basically get revenge on Serbia, so the Russians helped them, that's the direct cause of why Russian was fighting in WWI, other causes might be Russia was in an alliance with the British and France...

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Q: Why were the Russians willing to fight in the World War 1?
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Were Russians in the World War 2?

The Russians played a HUGE role in WW2. They did fight and they made it a two front war

Why did Russians fight Germans in World War 2?

Because the Germans invaded Russia.

Why was the World War 1 not going well for the Russians?

The Russians were led by Gianmarco while Randy tried to fight in the Army but got caught up looking at "Supras"

Did the Americans ever fight against the Germans in World War 2?

Of course but mainly the was between Germans and soviets(Russians)

Were the reasons for American entry into World War 1 ethically defensible?

Because we our selves were willing to fight willing to jump in and save the day...

Who did Japan fight against during the Sino-Japenese War?


How did European geography affect World War 1 or World War 2 battle between Russians and Germans?

Geography had little to do with it, it was the Russian winters that did the Germans in, they weren't prepared to fight in minus temperatures, but the Russians were, so they were able to push them back

Could the US have beat the Russians at the end of World War 2?

The US and USSR were allies at the end of WW2, there was no reason to fight.

What did the Germans believe that resulted in their being willing to fight during World War 2?

That they were a superior people and should dominate the world.

Why didn't russia fight in World War 2?

They did fight in world war 2. The Russians first where apart of the axis forces before Hitler broke his treaty with them and attacked Russia on June 22,1941. The Russia then fought on the allies side until the end of world war 2.

What was world war 1 for the Russians?

It was called "The Great War"

Did russia fight alongside the allies in World War 2?

Yes , Russia was an ally of both the US and England during the second world war ; the Russians captured the German capital of Berlin .

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