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Found that the 12 volt supply coming from the DRL was dead- pin B2. I jumpered B1 to B2 and now my problem is solved with the following observations: 1. when turning the key to off (i.e. shutting off the engine), the high-beam lights and the dash indication will come one for a second or so before extinquishing; 2. DRL still work as advertised; and 3. normal low and high beam operation.

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2006-04-08 01:45:59
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Q: 92 Aerostar headlight switch when pulled on no dash or parking lights but rear ABS light starts to flash?
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Why would my headlights quit working but the parking lights brake lights and tail lights still work and high beams do when switch is pulled back on a 94 Grand Am?

Low beams are burned out.

What would cause tail light fuse to blow every time the headlight switch is pulled?

a short in one of the park lights

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Location 30 ; 10A fuse; Labeled "Parking lamps" in manual. Just replaced mine and my tail lights, dashboard lights, parking lights, and the dinging that goes off when the lights are on all came back. I had to remove the CD Storage box (push two tabs on the inside inwards and pull box out), pulled out #30 fuse (not #32 as I saw on other posts), saw that the wire was broken, put in a new one, tested the parking lights, and all good. Hope this helps. -Swen

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please explain how the headlight comes out I removed wing nut and pulled white tabs and still nothing?

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