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Canada... or at least some parts of it.

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Q: What countries are bilingual?
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Is Romania bilingual?

People are bilingual not countries. The official language of Romania is Romanian.

What countries are not bilingual?

There are many countries that are not officially bilingual. Some examples include Japan, China, Russia, and many countries in Africa.

What is a sentence for the word bilingual?

She is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently.

What is the term when two countries have two official languages?

Bilingual. Canda is officially bilingual using French and English.

What countries have the largest number of bilingual citizens?

Countries with a significant number of bilingual citizens include Canada (English/French), Belgium (Dutch/French/German), and Switzerland (French/German/Italian/Romansh). It is important to note that many countries have bilingual populations, with varying degrees of proficiency.

What are countries that have two different languages called?

Countries that have two official languages are typically referred to as bilingual countries. Examples include Canada (English and French), Belgium (Dutch and French), and Switzerland (German, French, Italian, and Romansh).

What is the number of bilinguals in the US?

there are two bilingual countries in the world.cameroon and china.

What are the 4 countries in the Americas that are officially bilingual or multilingual?

The four countries in the Americas that are officially bilingual or multilingual are Canada (English and French), Bolivia (Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara), Paraguay (Spanish and Guarani), and Suriname (Dutch and Sranan Tongo).

What European Countries are bilingual?

Malta, Belarus, Cyprus, Ireland, Finland, Luxembourg and Kosovo

What four countries in the Americas that are officially bilingual or multilingual?

Argentina Belize Bolivia Brazil

What does itmean to be bilingual?

To be able to speak two languages equal to a native speaker of those countries

Do marine biologist have to be bilingual?

Being bilingual is not a requirement for marine biologists, but it can be advantageous. Marine biologists often conduct research and work with colleagues from different countries, so knowing multiple languages can facilitate communication and collaboration. Additionally, being bilingual can be helpful when working in regions with diverse communities where a second language is commonly spoken.