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THE BRITISH occupied the Cape to prevent its capture by the French in 1795. Dutch rule was restored in 1803, as a result of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, Cape Colony became a permanent British possession in 1806. Although at first the Afrikaners accepted British administration, resentment quickly surfaced over British liberal policies, specifically n regard to the frontier and the freeing of slaves. Tensions between the Afrikaners and the authorities greatly increased after the British landed 4,000 British settlers in 1820. In 1833 slavery was prohibited in the British Empire, an action that directly threatened the Afrikaner's way of life. One of Cecil John Rhodes' dreams (and the dream of many other members of the British Empire) was for a "red line" on the map from the Cape to Cairo. (On geo-political maps, British dominions were always denoted in red or pink.) Rhodes had been instrumental in securing southern African states for the Empire. He and others felt the best way to "unify the possessions, facilitate governance, enable the military to move quickly to hot spots or conduct war, help settlement, and foster trade" would be to build the "Cape to Cairo Railway".

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The Republic of South Africa was only formed on 31 May 1961. Prior to that South Africa had Prime Ministers from 1910+ and prior to 1910 there were no presidents. Thus during colonisation, there was no organised government of the Republic and therefore there was no president.

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Q: Who was the president of South Africa when it was being colonized?
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