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There are many instruments which can be played in a percussive manner but are not classified as a percussion instrument. Just because an instrument is not classified as a percussion instrument does not mean it can not be played in a percussive manner. The banjo for example is an instrument that could well be classified as a percussion instrument but is not. The reason the banjo is not considered a percussive instrument is because the instrument is generally plucked, meaning the sound originates from the strings not the head of the instrument. This is not to say a banjo player can't mute the strings and produce percussive sounds or that they can't hit the head of their banjo and play it as it were a drum. A singular classification is ambiguous given the dualist nature of this instrument. There are many other instruments that have percussive qualities but because they are not usually played in a percussive manner are considered something other than a percussion instrument.

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Q: Which percussion instrument is not classified a percussion instrument?
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What type of instrument is a timpani?

It is a Percussion instrument. Furthermore, It can be classified as a Membranophone and it is also a Pitched percussion instrument.

Is the harmonica a percussion instrument?

The harmonica is classified as a wind instrument.

How would a piano be classified?

percussion instrument

Djembe is classified as what type of instrument?

The djembe drum is a percussion instrument.

How would the instrument be classified piano?

percussion instruments.

What is the instrument classification is the piano?

Is is most commonly classified as a percussion or stringed instrument.

What class is a piano?

A piano can be classified as a chordophone and a percussion instrument.

Which of the following would be classified as an unpitched percussion instrument?

Bass drum

Are pianos string instruments?

Pianos can be classified as either a stringed or percussion instrument... Quoth the wikipedia... "It is sometimes classified as both a percussion and a stringed instrument. According to the Hornbostel-Sachs method of music classification, it is grouped with Chordophones."

What kind of instrument is a tuning fork?

Although the tuning fork is not usually thought of as a musical instrument, technically, it would be classified as a percussion instrument.

What is the classification of a piano?

It has been classified as both a percussion instrument and a stringed instrument because of the mallets inside of it striking the strings.

What is a piano classified in as an instrument?

A piano is a percussion instrument. If you hit a key, it sounds one time. If you beat a drum once with a drumstick, it sounds one time. They work the same way. The glockenspiel is also a percussion instrument.

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