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The quick and easy way is to use a compression "Shark Bite" fitting. It slips onto the copper pipe and creates a tight fit. Then use a threaded or pex flex adapter for your for the connection.

Sweat on a male adapter to the copper pipe then just screw on the flex hose. You can also cut the pipe sweat on a tee then use a nipple and male adapter.

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Q: How do you connect a copper water pipe to a flex pipe?
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How do you connect flex pipe to a copper tubing?

You use a compression fitting or something like a Sharkbite.

How do you connect copper pipe to steel pipe?

You use a 'sharkbite' or a brass union.

How do you connect copper pipe?

YOU thread or braze copper pipe Copper tubling you solder, braze, flaire, compression ring, mechincal joints

I had a water heater installed and the guy used a galvanized elbow at the top of the heater to connect the copper flex hoses is this proper?

No its not.. this is a cheap way of doing it... You'll need to watch the galvanized pipe as it'll begin to rust and eventually leak due to the heat... The best is to use copper...

You want to replace old lead pipe connected to cast iron sewer pipe with copper How do you connect the copper pipe to the old lead pipe or to the cast iron pipe?

When I have to connect copper to lead "D" I usually solder the copper to the lead or wipe a lead joint depending on the diameter To connect copper to cast iron ,.... If there is a hub I caulk the copper directly into the CI with oakum and poured lead (molten) OR one can solder / braze a female adapter fitting and screw the copper into a CI female fitting

Can a 2.5 galvanized dielectric union be used to connect black pipe to copper pipe?


What is a sweat inlet?

It is probably referring to the type of fitting. A fitting that is soldered to a copper pipe. It is called sweating when you use solder and a torch to connect copper pipe together or attach fittings to copper pipe.

Can you connect chromed steel pipe directly to copper or do you need a brass fitting between?

In order to connect a chromed steel pipe to a copper pipe, you will need a brass fitting. These two pipes will not fit into each other otherwise.

Do you need pipe dope to connect brass pipe to copper pipe?

NO but you will need some type of sealent OR braze or soldering

Why does leaking problem is unlikely to occur if a plastic water pipe is used instead of a copper water pipe?

Copper can rust

What fitting will be used to connect the water service pipe to feed pipe for the house?

Water main coming into house usually 3/4" K copper pipe. Depending on local plumbing code, fitting usually is flared or soldered.

How do you connect copper propane pipe and shutoff valve?

Flare copper pipe and use a flared shutoff valve. If valve isn't flared, use an adapter fitting between copper flared pipe and valve.

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