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South East Asia and China

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There are many followers of Buddhism in countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, Japan, and South Korea. Islam has a large following in countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Afghanistan in Asia.

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Q: What part of asia are there many followers of buddhism and islam?
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What is the fastest growning religion in the world?

It depends entirely on how the question is read. If the question is asking what is the largest religion that is still growing, the answer would be Christianity since there are more and more Christians born and converted every day than convert out or die. If the question is asking what religion is growing by the largest numbers of new followers (both births and converts), then the answer would be Islam, since the population growth in Muslim-majority countries has made Islam the religion with the most new adherents daily. If the question is asking what religion has the greatest percentage of growth, then this would be a contest between a number of very small religions which have high percentage increases, but low current population counts, such as Baha'i or Jehovah's Witnesses. Although these cannot match the numerical growth of Christianity or Islam, the thousands of converts and newborns have a much higher relative to the <20 million adherents to the religion.

Why do Muslim countries have warm weather climates?

Many Muslim countries are located in the Middle East and North Africa regions, which are characterized by desert and Mediterranean climates. Additionally, Islam originated in the Arabian Peninsula, where warm weather is common. Geographical location plays a significant role in the climate of these countries.

What is the geography and climate of the Muslim Empire?

Islam spread from Saudi Arabia to neighbouring countries in the gulf (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, UAE...) Then Islam spread to North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Mali, Sudan, Chad, Somalia, Burkino Faso, Mauritania...) Then Islam spread to Europe (Turkey, Spain...) Then Islam spread to the far East (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia...) Through slave trade, Islam spread to USA and Southern Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today Muslim countries are concentrated in the Middle East, North Africa and Far East regions. Muslims can however be found in every country in the world with the exception of a few Islands where Muslim tourists are found and not Muslim citizens. Islam is the world's fastest growing religion and the second largest religion at present.

Does Asia have earthquakes or volcanoes?

Yes. There are numerous volcanoes in Asia, and many parts of the continent are frequented by earthquakes.

How many lakes are there in Asia?

There are approximately 65,000 lakes in Asia. The largest lake in Asia is the Caspian Sea, which is considered the world's largest inland body of water.

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How many followers of Buddhism in Asia?

726,336,585 - 1,655,757,369 as of 1/9/2012source Wikipedia

How did Buddhism evolve?

Buddhism evolved by that buddha shared his knowledge around Asia and the followers decided to become Buddhism. Today in 2012 there are not many people that believe in Buddha.

In what part of Asia are there many followers of Buddhism and Islam?

The countries with the largest populations of both Buddhists and Muslims are Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. There is also a large concentration of Buddhists and Muslims in China.

Which two religions began in south Asia?

Hinduism and Buddhism, but there are many other religions that are thought to have originated in India (such as Christianity and Islam). Also, Taoism and Confucianism are also believed to be derived mainly from Buddhism, which was founded in India

How many Christians are there in Asia?

Asia has one of the largest populations in the world, and is comprised of many countries and diverse cultures. However, there are many religions that began in Asia, and still have thousands of followers, including Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

How many people are Islamic in South Asia?

Islam has approximately 240 million followers in south Asia. This translate to 40 percent of the entire population.

How many Buddhism are there?

Buddhism has about 365 million followers at the moment.

What is the religion in Malaysia?

The principle or major religion in Malaysia is Islam. Other religions are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions.

What three religions dominate East and Southeast Asia?

The three most common religions in eastern Asia would be Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Hinduism is mostly concentrated in the areas around India, Islam is predominant in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China, and Buddhism is concentrated in southern Asia, below China.Source:

How many people follow Buddhism?

Buddhism has about 365 million followers at the moment.

Are most major religions practiced in Southeast Asia?

Mostly Islam and Buddhism, only exception is Philippines which is Christian. Asia is the ancestral home and birth place of the main religions of the world. It is the ancestral origin of Abrahamic and Brahmanic belief systems along with Buddhism, Confucianism, Jainism, etc. Hinduism in India and Bali; Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism in China; Buddhism in parts of South-East Asia; Judaism in Israel and Islam in the rest of the region.

How many followers of Buddhism are there in Australia?

6 and a half