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Republicans were always mostly in the Northern states ever since the Civil war. Also republicans favored a strong central government, hence Abraham Lincoln using the most federal power in history. The democratic party was always mostly in the southern states ever since the civil war because many Democrats supported slavery which was mostly in the South. Up unitl 1976 did democrats start to be mostly in the northern states and republicans in the southern states like it is today. They basically flip flopped Demographics and ideas over 150 years.

Though the demographics have changed republicans have always had a conservative base. Conservatives lost power in the Democratic party during the 1960s. They struggled to survive during the next few decades, many of them switching to Republicans along the way. Eventually with both Obama's victories unfortunately the conservative democrats are now barely existent, everyone left has now switched party affiliation.

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Q: When did Republicans become democrats and democrats become Republicans?
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When did Republicans become democrats and democrats became Republicans?

The south was originally a Democratic stronghold, upon the Democratic Party announcing their support for the prospect of Civil Rights, a number of Southern Democrats broke off from the national party and formed their own segregationist Dixiecrat Party. This schism in the Democratic Party was mostly healed after the 1948 Presidential election when Truman won the election despite the Dixiecrats splitting the Democratic vote. Truman made moves during his Presidency to eliminate the threat of the Dixiecrats competing again in 1952. Upon the passage of the Civil Rights Act, many southern Democrats again became disillusioned with their party after the implicit support for the law by Lyndon Johnson. The southern Democrats nominated George Wallace in 1968 on a platform of re-instating segregation and opposing the continued implementation of the Civil Rights Act. Upon the shooting of Wallace, the energy mostly left what was left of the southern Democrats rebellion. With the nomination of Ronald Reagan for the election of 1980, many southerner's, loyal Democrats since the days of FDR, were moved to support the charismatic Reagan. After the fallout of the infighting of the Democratic Party, many formerly Democratic southerners found the message of the Republican Party to resonate more with their core values, as the traditional Democrat Party moved further to the left in an effort to solidify their support among labor unions, environmentalists, and the vestiges of the Vietnam War protest movement that now made up their base.

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During the whole time of America's history, only Democrats and Republicans have been elected, for the exeception of two elections. Most people share the views of these parties.

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