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Education is a privilege. Some people don't want to get an education. Some parents don't care whether their kids should go to school or not. You don't exactly have to go to school. You need all the education you can get. But only one person can determine if you're going to school to get an education or not... and that's YOU! You need an education but it's your choice if you're going to get an education or not. No ones going to make you get an education. Most children can't afford an education. So therefore education is considered a privilege to for us and for those who can't afford an education.

It could also be A PRIVILEGE because some ( poor ) countries Cant aford to get a education . Its alson a Privilege because some people just are very careless . And Without a Education most people get no place in life , if they dont got a education they better learn how to say " HI, HOW CAN I HELP YOU ". (; N.R.C.J.

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Education should be a privilege, just like owning a library card. It CAN be taken if you screw up (just ask my brother)


I disagree. I think all people have a right to an education, but many throw it away. George Washington stated that in order for a democracy to work it needed an educated population and he stressed that education should be available for all. One of the great things about the United States is that there has been an affordable education for all people. There are some, today, who would like to see education as a privilege because the only way to control a population is to make sure they are under educated. First, thing Hitler did when he invaded Poland was to arrested the teachers and close the schools. People who think, read, and understand critical things can not be controlled as well as people who don't.


It's sad that some Americans really don't know what the U.S. Constitution and it's elemental Bill of Rights actually establishes.

The Bill of Rights states nothing about education. I have read it as well as taught it. Nothing in the constitution states anything about education as well. As I stated above the founding fathers felt that education was important because without a educated population a democracy can't work. We can see this at work today with people who don't know or understand history, the constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

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It should be a right but it can be a privilege for the poor ones . But , I would suggest that it would be good if they take it as a real right .

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Education is as a matter of fact a right. However, anyone who gets the opportunity to get a good education should consider it as a privilege. Everyone has a right to education.

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Q: Is education a right or privilege?
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Is education an entitlement?

Education is a right. Your parents make you go to school everyday dont they? Well, that is because you must go. The government made the schools so children can learn. Privileges are something that you dont have to do. You should though. A right is something you HAVE to do.

Is driving in Florida a right or privilege?

Driving in ANY State is a privilege, not a right.

Why has the right to education been important for Saudi Arabia?

it has been important because some people dont have the right to learn right away and they believe that learning is a privilege not a right

Is a drivers license a right or a privilege?


Why is education a privilege not a right?

Education is considered a privilege in some contexts because not all individuals have equal access to educational opportunities, resources, or funding. Societal barriers such as economic disparities, discrimination, and lack of infrastructure can limit access to quality education. However, many believe that education should be a universal right, as it is essential for personal growth, societal progress, and promoting equity.

Is driving a right or a privlige?

A privilege that can be revoked if abused.

Why is education a privilege?

Education is often seen as a privilege because not everyone has equal access to quality education. Factors such as socio-economic background, geographic location, and cultural norms can create barriers that prevent individuals from obtaining an education. Additionally, limited resources and funding for education can further exacerbate this inequality. Therefore, education is considered a privilege as it is not universally accessible to all individuals.

Who can waive the privilege?

The person with the right to the particular privilege is also the one with the right to waive it.

How do you you put privilege in a sentence?

Having a job is a privilege, not a right.

Is Executive Privilege the right of the President only?

"No, the Executive Privilege is the right of the President, but not only him or her. The other official leaders and congress men may have this privilege as well."

Can you put the word privilege in a sentence?

Having access to quality education is a privilege that not everyone in the world enjoys.

How do you get an education without your gaurdians having a green card?

If you yourself are legal, you can get an education. If you are not, you are not entitled because education is a privilege for citizens.