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Q: Which railroad route did the southerners favor?
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Did the southerners favor or oppose the fugitive slave law?

In favor. They saw slaves as property and wanted their property back.

Who was in favor of the slave trade?

I think that mostly the Southerners were totally for slavery.

Did slaves form the underground railroad?

The Underground Railroad was created through team work of freed northern slaves and enslaved southerners.

What was the undeground railroad?

The Underground Railroad was a secret route that led slaves to freedom.

What was the route of the transcontinental railroad?

Across the continent?

How many stops are on a round trip on the Disneyland railroad?

There are 5 stops on the Disneyland Railroad's route.

In the 1850's what purchase was made to open southern railroad route of the transcontinental railroad?


What route did Harriet Tubman take?

The Underground Railroad.

Where wasn't the underground railroad route to?

The South States

Does the underground railroad run through Mt Rushmore?

no the underground railroad was not even a tangible thing it was a route from the Confederate South to the Union North as an escape route for slaves

In 1838 what very dangerous route to freedom was organized?

the underground railroad.

Who tried to find a good railroad route to california?

jim bridger