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It depends if you are a follow of Creationism or Evolution.

Creationists (Christian tradition) would put this as Adam, somewhere in the Middle East.

Evolutionists would say that there was never a 'first' man, but a gradual transition from primitive man-like creatures into creatures indistinguishable from modern man.

Early man-like people developed in Africa and spread from there. The development of later modern man happened in Europe, Asia and Africa.

America and Australia were settled by modern men (and women!) who spread from Asia.

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This question is presently unanswerable as asked.

Sahelanthropus tchadensis was the oldest upright hominid found, 7 million years, it is unknown if this evolved into other hominids, as it existed prior to the suspected chimpanzee-hominid divergence 5.4-6 million years ago.

Orrorin tugenensis was an upright hominid(possibly) that lived 5-8 million years ago, it is unknown if it was a human ancestor directly.

Lucy, australopithecus afarensis, an upright hominid lived approximately 3.2 million years ago, based on argon-argon dating of soils found 1 meter below the skeletal remains. Generally A. Afarensis is considered to be the earliest human ancestor.

Australopithecus Africanus 2.5 million years old, is the oldest most human-like fossil found.

Homo habilis - 1.9 million years old, is the oldest human (genus: Homo).

Homo Erectus - 1.8 million years old, is the oldest fully erect human fossil, found in Georgia (Asia). With slightly younger fossils found in Africa and Asia(1.75 million years to 200,000 years old)

Homo Neanderthalensis were found throughout Europe, from 250000 years old to about 30,000 years.

The first homo sapiens idaltu were found in subSaharan Africa about 200,000 years ago.

The oldest "modern Human" Homo Sapiens Sapiens fossil was found at Qafzeh in Israel (Asia) dated at about 90,000 years old.

According to the Human Genome Project the genetic "Adam" lived about 90,000 years ago while the genetic "Eve" lived 150,000 years ago.

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Humans were essentially hunters and gatherers. They had developed the use of fire. But they did not live a settled existence, instead following herds of animals on their migrations which were their primary source of food.

Men were the hunters and responsible for the group's primary food source. Women would look after children, and gather fruits and nuts they might come across while traveling. Caves were the primary source for shelter, or very crude lean-to's. Animal skins and furs the only source for clothing.

Since this was one of longest periods in human development, many modern customs among humans are derived from our hunter-gatherer past. The custom of monogamy, and the nuclear family unit within a larger community or group developed during the Stone Age. Since the acquisition of food was crucial to survival, the custom of sharing food as a means to build social cohesion and familiarity evolved.

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Somewhere in Africa, probably in the rift valley.

A:The answer to where the first man was created depends on whether it is a historical answer or a religious one, and if so which religion.

One religious answer is in the Book of Genesis, which says that Adam was created by God and only then did God move him to the Garden of Eden. There is no information as to where Adam was before God took him to the Garden of Eden.

The historical or scientific answer is that the first people were in Africa, although there was no one 'first man'.

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It is believed that the first humans originated somewhere in Africa.

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the garden of Eden

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Q: How did the first people on Earth live?
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