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Tax-advantaged prepaid and savings plans for college tuition and related higher education expenses

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529 Plans

Total black money in India?

According to a Swiss Banking Association Report (2006), "India has more black money than the rest of the world combined." India has stashed almost $1.456 billion in black money in Swiss banks.

Black money is income obtained by illegal activities that is not reported to the government to avoid income taxes.

See the related link for a report from the Times of Bombay.

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How should you answer 'How long do you plan to stay here'?

This question requires a much detailed answer since they interwiver may be expecting you to work for a long term basis .

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What skills do you need to be an artist?

Although the definition of art can change from person to person, many artists share the same set of skills.

- Creativity!

- An eye for beauty and composition

- Confidence to try new ideas

- Technical skills: drawing, painting, sculpting

Not all artists get their work hung in museums. In fact, some find day jobs in other industries and practice art in their free time. Here are some career options for artists:

- Art director for advertising

- Cartoonist

- Illustrator for textbooks

- Graphic designer

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Who do you contact to repair a pool table?

You can start by contacting the place that you purchased it from. They will be able to provide recommendations of qualified individuals in your area. If you aren't in that area, or don't know where it was purchased, contact any place that sells the equipment, they should be able to make recommendations.

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Is an armed security enforcement officer considered a peace officer?

Under Florida Law no. A licensed armed security officer is not a peace officer.

In the State of Florida you do not have to be sworn to have peace officer status. According to Florida Statutes 843.08 and 843.06 the word "watchman" appears in both statutes. A security officer was once called a watchman. Therefore, a licensed security officer in Florida is a non sworn peace officer.

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Can you contribute to a 529 before children are born?

If you are expecting a child or planning to start a family in the future, you can easily setup a 529 college savings plan and start putting money aside now. Here's how: 1. Select the best 529 for you right now, SavingForCollege.com has a good set of tools for choosing a plan, and you can also talk to your financial advisor. 2. Open the 529 plan and name you or your spouse as the beneficiary. (Note: Some 529 plans restrict beneficiaries to persons under age 21, in which case you might choose a sibling or cousin of your unborn child, note that the beneficiary must be a blood relative in order to transfer it to your child.) 3. After your little one arrives, you can transfer the assets tax-free. Your 529 plan can provide you with the necessary form to make the change. Getting started as early as possible can make a significant difference in the amount of debt you need to cover college costs. If you can save $50 per month, an extra 5 years to save translates into more than $10,000 in additional savings, based on a 7% annual return. One final note, some plans have a time limit on spending the account proceeds, such as within 10 years of when the original beneficiary would be expected to enter college. Be sure to do your homework or consult a financial advisor to figure out what's going to work best for your family.

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What are the steps in home management?

Being incredibly lazy all the time....stealing cutlery and urinating everywhere.





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Best saving plans for 35 yr old wno kids?

A roth IRA is a good plan. You can save up to 4000. dollars per year max. and you expect to earn around 5% annual return. They withdraw the deductions automatically and you won't even feel it. A roth IRA is a good plan. You can save up to 4000. dollars per year max. and you expect to earn around 5% annual return. They withdraw the deductions automatically and you won't even feel it.

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Are teens today finacially literate?

Yes we finally are thank you very much we learn from the best here in public schools

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Who maintains control over the 529 plan?

The account holder

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How do you use journey in a sentence?

The word journey is a noun (journey, journeys); a word for travelling from one place to another; a trip or a voyage.

The word journey is a verb (journey, journeys, journeying, journeyed); to go on a journey.

Example sentences:

It is a long journey from England to Australia.

We will journey by car through the mountains.

Years ago, I took a journey to Italy and got tired of eating spicy meatballs.

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IF hired how long do you plan on working here?

IF hired how long do you plan on working here?"

529 Plans

Where can I find information about college savings plans?

The CSPN or College Savings Plans network is a great online resource for college savings plans. The site gives you resources to help you get started and has information for every state. The site is: http://www.collegesavings.org/index.aspx

529 Plans

How do I apply for a 529 college savings plan?

Once you go to the website "enroll now" option link provided below, Click on your home state and click "enroll now". http://www.savingforcollege.com/enroll_in_a_529_plan/

529 Plans

What is a 529 college savings plan?

These are plans created by a state or an educational institute that are put in place for you to set aside money to save for your future collge spending. A more detailed explanation can be found here: http://www.savingforcollege.com/intro_to_529s/what-is-a-529-plan.php

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What is the 10 principles that form the foundation of financial management?

This is a good power point presentation that mentions these principles:

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What are some benefits of a 529 plan?

Many plans have a low monthly contribution requirement

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Your all India rank in gate 2010 is 3093 and your gate score is 529 can you get admission in college of engineering Anna university?

That is very difficult.. Last year, the cut off was 530(gate score) and around 800+(AIR).. Moreover, only 10 seats for GATE.. Other 15 seats were based on TANCET exam conducted by Anna..

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What are the contribution limits for 529 plans?

The annual contribution limit for a 529 college savings plans is set by the federal gift-tax exclusion limit. As of 2008, the current limit is $12,000. There is a one-time exception, for parents/sponsors who want to make a large deposit. A parent may make up to five years of contributions in a single year, provided that no further contributions are made in that period. This means that each parent can invest $60,000 or up to $120,000 in total, with a single deposit, and without incurring any tax penalties, provided they do not add any additional money to the 529 plan for the next five years. In addition, each plan has a maximum contribution limit, which regulates how much money can be deposited into the account. The limit applies to deposits, not to the account value, so the future growth of your savings does not reduce the amount you can contribute. The limits vary from state to state, but on average they are about $250,000, check with your 529 plan manager or state treasurer's department to find the limit for your plan, or you can visit Morningstar.com, which lists the limit for each plan in its online 529 reference table.

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How many times per year can a 529 plan account holder move funds from one plan to another?


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How much does a 2 bedroom apartment cost?

Anywhere from 900.00 to 2000.00 as you near the G.T.A. Moe from Peterborough

529 Plans

What is a 529 plan?

It is a tax-advantaged college savings plan.

529 plan history

A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs. It is named after Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code which created these types of savings plans in 1998.

State plans are OK for out of state colleges

529 Plans can be used to meet costs of qualified colleges nationwide. In most plans, your choice of school is not affected by the state your 529 savings plan is from. You can be a CA resident, invest in a VT plan and send your student to college in NC. Check to see if your institution is eligible under 529 rules.

Which states offer 529 plans?

Every state now has at least one 529 plan available. It's up to each state to decide whether it will offer a 529 plan (possibly more than one) and what it will look like, meaning 529 plans can differ from state to state. You should research the features and benefits of your plan before you invest, research state 529 plans and even compare between plans compare between plans.

Tax Benefits

As long as the plan satisfies a few basic requirements, the federal tax law provides special tax benefits to you, the plan participant.

Some states (but not all) offer tax incentives to investors as well. Research your state's tax treatment.

Types of 529 plans

529 plans are usually categorized as either prepaid or savings plans.

Savings Plans work much like a 401K or IRA by investing your contributions in mutual funds or similar investments. The plan will offer you several investment options from which to choose. Your account will go up or down in value based on the performance of the particular option you select.

Prepaid Plans let you pre-pay all or part of the costs of an in-state public college education. They may also be converted for use at private and out-of-state colleges. The Independent 529 Plan is a separate prepaid plan for private colleges.

Educational institutions can offer a 529 prepaid plan but not a 529 savings plan (the private-college Independent 529 Plan is the only institution-sponsored 529 plan thus far).

Enrolling in a 529 plan

There are two ways to invest in a 529 plan.

  1. Directly with the 529 Plan manager.
  2. Through a financial advisor.
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Are 529 college savings plans set up with pre-tax or after-tax money?

Qualified tuition programs (QTPs) are also called "529 plans." States may establish and maintain programs that allow you to either prepay or contribute to an account for paying a student's qualified education expenses (defined later). Eligible educational institutions may establish and maintain programs that allow you to prepay a student's qualified education expenses. If you prepay tuition, the student (designated beneficiary) will be entitled to a waiver or a payment of qualified education expenses. You cannot deduct either payments or contributions to a QTP. For information on a specific QTP, you will need to contact the state agency or eligible educational institution that established and maintains it. Generally, the investment gains are either favorably or not taxed.

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How many numbers are there in a visa security code?

There a 3

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What is the average cost for a 2 bedroom apartment?

It depends entriely on the city and where in that city the apartment is located.

can average from 250 all the way to 2500 just depends where you are staying

also for a bakery 500


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