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Introduced in 2003, the Acura TSX is an entry-level luxury vehicle made by Acura and was sold only in Canada and the US. However, its 2009 model was made also available in Mexico. It is Acura’s smallest vehicle as of 2008.

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Acura TSX

What does the code A13 mean on an Acura TSX?

A => Engine Oil Change

1 => Tire Rotation

3 => Transmission Oil Change

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Acura TSX

How do you change a Acura TL 3.7 TL?

This starter can be changed without disassembling the top of the engine on the 2.5 with automatic transmission. You will need a 10mm, 14 mm, 17mm, and a 9mm wrench. First with any electrical repair disconnect the battery at the negative terminal. The starter is on the driver's side close to the firewall below the intake manifold. Remove the transmission dip stick so you don't ruin it, then look and study the starter itself. You will notice the starter drive housing with a top and bottom bolt. The top bolt is a 14mm and the bottom a 17mm, loosen both a half turn. Remove the top 14mm bolt first, then the bottom 17mm, this will allow you to pull the starter out of the bell housing. With some angling and no brackets holding the back of the starter you should be able to pull it out enough to disconnect the positive wire and 9mm nut from the soleniod. Disconnect the starter ignition small wire by pulling it off it's connector. Now just pull it out of the engine and fender void and you've got it, saving about a hundred and fifty dollars of labor. Take it to the parts house and match it up with a well made remanufactured or new starter. Reverse the proceedure, hook up the battery and smile. Now take someone you love to dinner or buy yourself a HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT and you still saved fifty dollars. God Bless

Acura TSX
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Where is the dimmer switch on a 2004 Acura TSX?

Your tripmeter reset button twists, clockwise to make gauges brighter and counter-clockwise to make them more dim.

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Why does your Acura TSX manual shift car intermittently make an audible rubbing type noise only when it first moves and drives normally otherwise?

That sound is the ABS self test, it does it everytime you take off for the first time.
Acura TSX

Can you use regular gas in an Acura TSX?

No, premium only, otherwise it will affect your engine performance.

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Does it matter if I use regular instead of premium fuel for my Acura Legend 1991?

As long as it does not "ping" severely upon acceleration it should be fine

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Acura TSX

How do you reset the Maintenance Required light on a 2005 Acura MDX?

This information is located in your driver's manuel under Gauges Page 67. 1. turn off the engine 2. press and hold the select/reset knob in the instrument panel, then turn the ignition switch to ON. 3. Hold the knob for about ten seconds until the indicator resets.

Acura TSX

Do you have to run premium fuel in an Acura TSX?

No, you don't have to. I use regular fuel in my 2006, and it continues to get a clean checkup every time I take it to a body shop.

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What is the procedure to reset the airbag module on a 2005 Acura TSX?

I sent my original module to a company i found on google - They reset it for $55 and shipped back to me for free!

Acura TSX

How do you compress rear caliper on 2004 Acura TSX?

Most likely the piston will need to be turned not compressed

Acura TSX

Will 19 wheels fit on an Acura TSX?

yes 19's can fit on a tsx. make sure you have low profile tires to match. all this information and more can be found on or at . if you become a member (no cost) you can do searches on questions you have.

Acura TSX

How do you bleed Acura TSX brake system?

always use Honda Heavy Duty DOT 3 Brake Fluid.

1. make sure brake fluid level in reservior is at MAX

2. attach a length of clear tube to the bleed screw

3. have someone slowly pump the brake pedal several times, then apply steady pressure

4. loosen the left front brake bleed screw, loosen brake bleed screw to allow air to escape system. then tighten the bleed screw.

5. repeat procedure for every wheel until air bubbles no longer appear in fluid

Sequence: Front left, Front Right, Rear Right, Rear Left

6. refill master cylinder reservoir to MAX

Acura TSX

What is matte finish paint?

it is a very dull finish that doesnt reflect much light

Acura TSX

What Weight oil should Acura TSX?

5W-30 Synthetic or Synthetic blend.

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How to bleed the brake system on 1991 Chevrolet truck?

1) Con a helper into helping you.

2) Open the bleeder valve on the brake cylinder.

3) Have your helper press on the brake petal.

4) Close the bleeder valve when air stops or when the petal is floored.

5) Have your helper release the brake the petal.

6) Check the fluid level in the master cylinder. If it goes dry you will have to start all over.

7) Repeat 2-7 until you stop getting air from the brake system.

Acura TSX

How do check automatic transmission fluid on an Acura TSX?

Make sure transmission was warmed up, start the car, put trans in neutral, shut car off. Let sit for 30 seconds check fluid level within 90 seconds of car being shut off

Acura TSX

Where is the fuel tank latch on a 2009 Acura TSX?

There is none. Here's how you open the fuel door:

Make sure that the driver's door is


With the driver's door locked, the

fuel fill door is also locked.

Outside of the vehicle, push on the

right side edge of the fuel fill door

in the middle.

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Where are the turn signal flashers located on a 2005 Acura TSX?

Driver's side to the left of the pedals, above the fuse panel.

Acura TSX

I have an 04 Acura TSX and when i pull the e-brake or hand brake my brake light on the dash lights up but i cannot drift or 180 why isn't the hand brake working?

Don't do that to your TSX. Buy a Pontiac for that kind of crap.

-Two reasons why the TSX will not work well as a drift car-

1. Drift cars are typically rear wheel drive, the TSX is front wheel drive. Drifting requires excess power to the rear wheels capable of overcoming the friction of the tires on the pavement. A 4 cylinder TSX is a poor choice for a drifting car due to the lack of torque from the engine. You need at least a 6 or 8 cylinder engine, or a super-tricked out 4 cylinder engine to get enough torque. (Don't forget rear-wheel drive works best for drifting) A better choice might be a Lexus GS 400; 8 cylinder, rear wheel drive.

2. In order to lock up the rear wheels with the emergency brake, it has to be a very strong e-brake. The design of the rear calipers mechanically activates the standard brake pads which will always be less effective than with the hydraulic brake system. The e-brake design of the TSX is only to keep the car from moving when already stopped on a hill, or to gradually slow the car to a stop should your hydraulic brake system fail. Also, the anti-lock braking system of the TSX helps limit the possibility of locking the rear wheels to go into a slide. (Thus the name ANTI-LOCK BRAKES)

Acura TSX

How do you change rear brakes on 2007 Acura TSX?

I have a 2004 TSX and learned the hard way how to change the rear brakes and had to buy a rebuilt caliper for my mistake. Most brake calipers compress with a simple C-clamp to make room for the larger/newer brake pads. The rear brakes on a TSX are different and you'll notice they have a couple of grooves on the caliper piston. They make a tool that is sold at AutoZone that allows you to compress the caliper piston by rotating it clockwise back into the piston. (It looks like a metal cube with metal prongs sticking out) I also recommend using brake grease on the exposed caliper piston boot prior to compressing it as this will allow the piston to rotate without damaging the boot. Don't forget to bleed the brakes afterward since rotating the piston will likely allow some air into the brake caliper.

Acura TSX
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Acura TSX

What is the wheel torque specs for a 2004 Acura TSX?


Acura TSX

How many quarts do you put to change oil on a 2006 Acura TSX?

2004 is 4.4 quarts but I have put 5 in to get the oil level correct on the dipstick.

Acura TSX

What does the TSX in Acura TSX mean?

Touring Sportscar eXperimental

Acura TSX

What kind of battery for 2001 Acura TSX?

There is no 2001 tsx, they only started in 2004.


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