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Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock was a British producer and filmmaker who in the suspense and psychological thriller genres, has created several techniques. Hitchcock moved to Hollywood after a career in the UK in silent films and some talkies. He became an American citizen in 1956 while still retaining his British citizenship.

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Is it best to leave a man with too much pride to admit he is wrong alone?

Can you live with it? If not, you should leave. Nobody can tell you what to do but if you determine that you can't live with it then you should leave. I don't believe that anyone should put up with that kind of relationship. ...
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How did Alfred Hitchcock influence jaws?

Something about a dolly-zoom. I don't exactly know, just came across it in my researching and remembered that I saw your question earlier. ...
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How did The 39 Steps directed by Alfred Hitchcock end?

While giving his show Mr. Memory is asked by fugitive Richard Hannay: "What are the 39 Steps?" Mr. Memory begins to answer by saying "[t]he 39 Steps is an organization of spies", and is shot by the spymaster, who then leaps onto the stage and is immediately captured. Mr. Memory, who is barely alive, asks if he can answer the question and proceeds to reveal the complex secrets of the weaponry he memorized. He dies on the stage and Hannay and...
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Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button?

Alfred Hitchcock was born with a bellybutton but after surgery in an operation when they sewed his stomach up it was removed. ...
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What films did Alfred Hitchcock direct?

He directed a lot of films. The Birds Rear Window The 39 Steps The Lady Vanishes Notorious Strangers on a Train Vertigo North by Northwest Psycho ...
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Why does Alfred Hitchcock put himself into his movies?

The story he told was this: He needed an extra to do a VERY quick scene in The Lodger , but the appointed extra didn't show. Rather than waste time and money trying to find another extra to do this one second scene, Hitchcock just did the scene himself. The film was Hitchcock's first big success. Since the entertainment business is incredibly superstitious, he figured his appearence in the film brought him good luck, so he just repeated the short cameo in his...
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Where was Hitchcock's The Birds filmed?

The Birds was filmed in Bodega Bay, California. The building that was the schoolhouse in the movie is now an art gallery. That building is still there and in beautifully restored condition. If you do Google street views in Bodega Bay, assuming that they're available, you might even be able to see the building onscreen. ...
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Who holds the copyright for the Alfred Hitchcock theme tune?

Written in 1882, the song itself is in the public domain; certain performances and recordings may have their own protection. ...
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What year did Alfred Hitchcock begin his filmmaking career?

He produced his first movie in 1932 and directed his first movie in 1922.
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What where the names of Alfred Hitchcock's siblings?

William Hitchcock and Eileen Hitchcock
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What were the names of the actresses in Alfred Hitchcock's movie 'The Birds'?

Tippi Hedren, Veronica Cartwright and Suzanne Pleshette Jessica Tandy plays the mother. ...
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What career did Alfred Hitchcock's parents have?

His father was a greengrocer and poulterer, his mother didn't work.
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Why did Alfred Hitchcock come to the US?

He received at full time job at Islington Studios, which was in the US.
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Which Hepburn movie was referred to as the best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made?

Charade (1963) starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.
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Why did the birds attack in the Hitchcock film?

Most likely the cause has to do with atomic bomb testing during the 1950s. The birds were reflecting nature in disorder due to humans destroying the environment with insecticides (read Silent Spring-1962- by read Rachel Carson) and nuclear testing. It's the birds or it is the end of the world, a phrase uttered by a drunk in the movie. ...
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How many seasons did Alfred Hitchcock run?

The "Alfred Hitchcock Hour" ran for 3 seasons, and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" ran for 7 seasons. ...
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What was Alfred Hitchcock breakthrough movie?

Rebecca (1940) is known as Hitchcock's breakthrough film. Although he made several successful British films before this, Rebecca was his first American movie. It was also the only one of his films to ever win an Oscar for Best Picture. ...