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Charles Chaplin (1889-1977) was one of the most popular film actors in the first half of the 20th century. He is best known as the writer, star and director of such films as "The Gold Rush" (1925), "City Lights" (1931), "Modern Times" (1936), and "The Great Dictator" (1940). He was later hounded out of the United States during the communist witch hunts of the 1950s.

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Charlie Chaplin

Was Charlie Chaplin a communist?

In answer to the question "Was Chaplin a Communist?" the answer is almost certainly NO. Chaplin surely held leftwing, progressive, liberal and egalitarian political views but none that could be considered communist. Chaplin would never hide his views or conform to the American opinion that it was right to hate a Communist. It was for these reasons that poor Chaplin was labeled a Communist.

Charlie Chaplin

When was Charlie Chaplin kicked out of America?

He was banned reentry into the US in 1952 after he was charged with being a member of the Communist Party. He was not allowed reentry until 1972, whereupon he received an honorary Oscar.

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Charlie Chaplin

Did Charlie Chaplin Meet Adolf Hitler?

It's very doubtful. Chaplin was banned from Germany by Hitler himself for being a Jew (important to note that Chaplin was not actually Jewish).

Charlie Chaplin

Who influenced charlie chaplin?

Charlie Chaplin's greatest influence was said to be his mother. Both of Chaplin's parents were stage performers and when Chaplin was five years old, and his mother's singing voice was failing, the manager of the music hall substituted Charlie for his mother. He sung a well known song 'E' Dunno Where E' Are' and the audience loved it and threw coins onto the stage. At a very young age, Chaplin was told he would be the most famous man in the world.

Charlie Chaplin

Why was Charlie Chaplin forced to leave America?

He was accused of being a communist during the Red Scare of the 1950's.

Charlie Chaplin

In what movie did Charlie Chaplin sing the song Smile?

The movie was called "Modern Times". Charlie Chaplin wrote the music but did not actually sing the song himself.

Charlie Chaplin

Who are Charlie Chaplin's grandchildren?

Grandfather of Dolores Chaplin, Carmen Chaplin, Kathleen and George via Michael.

James Thiérrée and Aurélia Thiérrée via Victoria.

Shane Saura Chaplin O'Neill and Oona Castilla Chaplin via Geraldine.

Julien Ronet via Josephine.

Kiera Chaplin via Eugene.

Orson and Osceola Salkind via Jane with producer Ilya Salkind.

Christopher, youngest son of Charlie, has no children of his own.

**Charlie Chaplin also had two older sons named Charles Chaplin, Jr. (1925-1968) and Sydney Earle Chaplin (1926-2009) by Lita Grey.

Sydney Earle Chaplin was married three times to Noelle Adams, Susan Magnes, and Margaret Beebe respectively. He has one son, Stephan, from his first marriage. Stephan is the father to actress Tamara Chaplin, who would be Charlie's only great-grandchild.

Charlie's half-brother Wheeler Dryden was also the father to Jefferson Airplane drummer Spencer Dryden (1938-2005). Spencer had three sons, Jeffrey, Jesse and Jackson. Therefore they are Charlie's grand-nephews.

Charlie Chaplin

Is mark Chaplin related to Charlie chaplin?

Yes, Mark CHaplin is related to Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin is Marks Great Grandfather

Charlie Chaplin

What religion did Charlie Chaplin follow?

None, he was an Atheist. Actually he was an agnostic, not an atheist, as Charles Chaplin Jr. testifies:

"I'm not an atheist," I can remember him saying on more than one occasion. "I'm definitely an

agnostic. Some scientists say that if the world were to stop revolving we'd all disintegrate. But

the world keeps on going. Something must be holding us all in place--some Supreme Force. But

what it is I couldn't tell you."

Charles Chaplin, Jr., My Father, Charlie Chaplin, pages 239-240

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Charlie Chaplin

What was Charlie Chaplin's relation to Helen Keller?

I understand that Chaplin"s one time wife, Paulette Goddard played a Keller-type character in the film called Unconquered. this should not be confused with the Miracle Worker, originally a stage play. Crazy as it sounds, Miss Keller favored leftist causes, as did Mr. Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin

Why was Charlie Chaplin's personal life bad?

As a child he grew up in extreme poverty with his single mother and older half-brother. After his father died when he was 12, his mother suffered a nervous breakdown (perhaps because of malnutrition, grief or syphilis) and Charlie and his brother were sent to a workhouse.

Charlie also spent some time on the streets as a young boy, doing odd jobs and stealing food. He went to school for a few months, but was largely illiterate. His mother never recovered, and he was very grieved to see her quick deterioration.

Charlie Chaplin

How many children of Charlie Chaplin's are still alive today?

Of Charlie Chaplin's eleven (11) children, eight (8) are still living:

Geraldine, Michael, Josephine, Victoria, Eugene, Jane, Annette and Christopher.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin fame?

Charlie chaplin is famous for being an filmaker and actor

Charlie Chaplin

What is a charlie chaplin tin toy worth?

Depends, there were a few made that I know of. German company Schuco is the version I am more familiar with, there are other German companies who did the tin toy and I think an/some american companies did it aswel. The tin toys can go for similar prices really but the more valuable ones have fully working clockwork action, original box, all parts still there and whether it is tin faced or felt, tin faced being earlier and worth more could fetch anything upto $2500 (about £1500). The toys themselves can fetch anything between $400 - $1200 (about £250 - £750) depending on the day of auction and who wants it.

Charlie Chaplin

Is actor ben chaplin related to Charlie Chaplin?

No. Chaplin is just a stage name. His real name is Benedict John Greenwood.

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What happened to Lani Garver-Carol-Plum-Ucci?

I think he was truly an angel. Im not sure whether he will see her again but my gut told me he still is alive - and has probably moved onto a new person to help.

Charlie Chaplin
Who Is More Famous

Who is more famous charlie chaplin or Homer Simpson?

Homer Simpson by a million miles.

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Charlie Chaplin

When was Charlie Chaplin born?

Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889.

Charlie Chaplin

Did Charlie Chaplin Talk in any of his movies?

Yes he did, everyone in the entire world should hear his speech in The Great Dictator.

Charlie Chaplin

Did Charlie Chaplin make talking films?

Yes, but not until 1940. His frst talking movie was The Great Dictator (1940)

Charlie Chaplin

What were the names of Charlie Chaplin's four wives?

Chaplin Chaplin's 4 Wives

Here is the list of Chaplin's 4 wives, in chronological order of his marriages:

Mildred Harris (1918-1921)

Lita Grey (1924-1927)

Paulette Goddard (1936-1942)

Oona O'Neill (1943-1977)


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