Dizzywood is a virtual world online game developed and designed by Rocket Paper Scissors, LLC for children aged 8 to 12 years old. The game is an adventure, visual chat and a social quest game promoting collaborative teamwork play.

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Windows 2000
Windows XP

How can someone get into a laptop with Windows 2000 without the username or the password?

To enter in Windows 2000 terminal without a username and a password you need:

1. exclusive physical access it. 2. Windows 2000 Installation Disk.

Follow these steps:

1. Boot the system using the Win2000 Bootable Disk. 2. Goto the Recovery Console. 3. Presto.

Since Win2000 does not ask for an Administrators Password in the RC; now you should be able to have DOS based access to your files.

P.S. This I have tried on a Desktop System; you may try it on your laptop ;-)

Rhyming Words

What rhymes with enthusiasm?

Adam album alum angstrom anthem anumashram atom autumn awesome baalim balsambantam become bedlam belgium benumb blithesomeblossom bonum boredom bosom bottom broughambum buxom centrum chasm chum circumcolumn come condom crumb custom czardomdarksome datum denim dictum diem dorsumdrum dukedom dumb dumdum eardrum earldomedam emblem epsom factum fandom fantomfathom fearsome filmdom flotsam forum foursomefreedom fulcrum gamesome gingham gladsome gleesomeglum graham grandam grewsome gruesome gumgypsum handsome hansom harem Harlem ho-humhokum hoodlum hum humdrum income irksomeism item jetsam kingdom labrum lightsomelignum lissome lithesome loathsome lonesome ma'ammadam madame magnum maxim modem mortemmoslem mum Muslim nauseam noisome nostrumnumb oakum orem outcome outswum ovumpablum passim phantom phylum pilgrim plasmplenum plum plumb poem pogrom possumprism problem purim quantum quondam quorumrandom ransom rectum rhumb rhythm rostrumrum sachem sacrum saintdom Salem sanctumschism scrotum scum seldom septum serfdomserum shahdom sheikdom sheikhdom signum slalomslum sodom solemn some sorghum spasmspectrum sphagnum sputum stagnum stardom sternumstratum strum succumb sum summum swumsymptom system talcum tandem tantrum theoremthraldom thralldom threesome thrum thumb tiresometoilsome toothsome totem transom twosome valiumvelum venom victim volume wampum welcomewholesome whoredom winsome wisdom wolfram xylemyum-yum

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
WCW World Championship Wrestling

Is WCW coming back?

Unless Vince McMahon brings it back as a show, no. WWE, Vince McMahon, owns the copyrights to WCW. He bought the company when they were going under. Nobody can use those letters or trademarks, except WWE.

Deal or No Deal

How do you deal with a boyfriend who steals money from you?

If your boyfriend is stealing money from you, he is taking advatage of you. Now if your letting him borrow money that's a different story. But if he's stealing it leave him.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
Atoms and Atomic Structure

When is Shane o Mac coming back?

heis working with the board of directors

AnswerNEXT WEEK ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW Answerat raw homecoming and gets stunned by stone cold Steve Austin
Mobile Phones
US Constitution

What goes around the house and it but never touches the house?

Is this for a school riddle?

The answer is the sun!

Hope i helped~ Lovechipmunk14

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment
The Undertaker

Is the APA ever coming back?

Wasps and Hornets
Bees and Beekeeping

Where can you find the bee cufflinks in the lenscrafters ads?

Freelance comes in many shapes and forms and there are lots and lots to choose from if you qualify. Some places to look are www.freelancejobopenings.com and www.freelancer.com - Cached

Football - Soccer
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

Is Juventus coming back to Serie A?

juventus are officially back in serie a for the 2007/2008 season which starts august 26, 2007

Australian Prime Ministers

Do you all think cyrme tyme should come back?


Mobile Phones
Anti-Virus Software

Is there any antivirus that is better than Norton?

Absolutely. If you go to download.com you will see users like you and me voting for the best antivirus based on the amount of definitions that can detect, budget, and friendly environment. The one that I recommend is Antivir which is on place #2 from my opinion due to being free. 1# I would say is Avast! Norton is somewhere at # 22 if not lower. Symantec used to have a great QA back in 2000. The name remained as it is but the team has downgraded the product way below other competitors to the point of getting frustration on everything it can offer: huge, non-friendly, containg more than 1 module (anivirus) and making the product too complicated, not giving security enough to protect the system (e.g. to detect ZIP layers as much as 99) or detect high level heuristic, not free (see ANTIVIR, AVG, etc) and on top of that has a yearly license which will expire making the customer to miss the effectivness of the software and throw it in the recycle bin due to upgrading it to a different version (that could give him/her a surprise on the features and layout)..then getting to the point and asking...why both with the features, next year will have other...perhaps better onese...and the last but the most important part: DOES NOT DETECT ALL THE VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER! Way to go...have Norton advertised in all Corporate Computer Stores, pay for it for 1 year and it DOES NOT DO THE PROMISE JOB.


Kaspersky is cheaper than Norton


Norton is a popular antivirus but it can sometimes miss to detect some viruses.

I recommend you to try Microsoft Security Essential which is also very popular, efficient, user-friendly and efficient.


COMODO is better than Norton because it give's many security option's and NO 1 in all Anti-virus test.

Computer Terminology
Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware

What is a zap?

zap is a kids game and would be freaky if an adult did it. zap is when you write ZAP and a time on the top of someones hand and of the palm of the persons hand you write a name. if that person looks at the name before the time, they have to ask that person out. its really fun but dont let teachers see cause u'll get in trouble

A patch to computer software (object code) that is overlaid on a load image using absolute offsets.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

When is HBK coming back - dated 4th Oct 07?

hbk is coming back in raw wwe


Where is Pierre le Snout on Dizzywood?

Pierre le Snout is in the explorers camp by the blue jaguar.

Fuel Pumps
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

1997 Chevy Blazer what is loud whine coming from underneath back of vehicle gets worse in warm weather?

I would check the fuel pump in the tank. Could also be the gears in the rear end.
- We've had the same whine since we bought our 2000 pickup in 2003 - gets louder in warm weather, just like you noticed. I've been paying attention the past few years and noticed that it's very common in other Chevy pickups. Not sure what it is, but our theory has been the fuel pump bushings were going bad. If so, it took a long time for them to go out - the fuel pump finally died last night after almost 6 years of driving with that noise.
Nintendo DS

What is the climax for all the broken pieces?

I'm not positive but I think it's were they are on the field and Matt and rob are both crying and bonding about the war

Snow and Ice

What is breakwater?

Breakwater is a structure that’s made for the purpose of being a barrier for the water so it breaks the forces of the waves. These structures are usually placed near harbors for the purpose of protecting them.

Microsoft Windows

Why cant you see diagrams from a page saved from internet once you get offline?

Save charts individuallyYou have to save those parts individually. If you just save the HTML document (the main part of the page), you aren't saving any other documents (such as images) that the webpage calls up when you view it over the internet.
Cheat Codes
Kingdom Hearts

How do you save princess peach in Super Mario 64?

  • first you need 30 stars to get to coarse 9 and complete level one of coarse 9 and you will get a chimley leading to bowser 2 and complete him and get the key to the door right up the stairs in he main hall of the castle and you will get some stars and the are MORE stairs [the door takes 50 stars]and the will be coarse 14 tick tock clock and coarse 15 rainbow ride . The is about 4 blue stairs with a door with 8 star it takes you to bowser 3 . If you difeat him you will a star witch will give you a wing cap and Mario will fly and you will get princess peach. ===
DIY Projects

How do you get a bunnycorn?

Different creams, lotions, and salves are available from a traditional medical doctor for the treatment of skincare. Make sure to take care of your skin, it is very important. Always wear sunscreen.

American Cars
Chevy Silverado
Chevy Suburban

Your 91 firebird 5.0L V8 starts and drives but runs terribly it misses and has no power what is wrong?

spark plug wires on wrong

take them off and rearrange them til it runs better


How does a fly consume its food?

The fly uses an acid that it regurgitates and that acid dissolves the bits of the food, and then it just sucks the dissolved food, through it's "mouth".


How do you get zap?

Go to Tanglevine Jungle, Find the power invisibilaty between some of the poles and find the levitation power (flying power), then go to explorer's camp and keep going until you see the blue genie. he wont let you in. so you have to use your invisibalty to go inside. once you use it click inside the temple and you will go in. for now when you go in don't worry about the crystals just keep going. use your levitation to fly over and go on each rock. when you get to the statue with the face on it, challenge him with a game. he will explain to you about the zap. then keep going right, then on one of the other rocks, it has a pile of smaller rocks. get some friends to help you get the rocks out by waving your mouse over it and click on it. one you clear it then you will find the first opal idol. take it back to the statue and he will get it in the first eye. after that u must get the next opal idol which is back in tanglevine jungle. when you get to the water use your levitation over the water because it is too deep. when you get to the next blue genie he willl challenge you to a game too. when you beat it you get the next opal idol. go back into the temple and then go to the statue with the face. you have completed how to get the zap. use it wisely because in no time it will run out and it will take any number of seconds. so use it when you need to. that's how you get zap.


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Are mullets coming back?

I'm thinking not.


in a sense, yes. there's somewhat of a "newage" kind of mullet that's really popular in some parts of Europe right now.

its only the bottom portion of the back of the head that would grow out to a length, probably no more than 5 inches (12 cm) at the most, while the rest of the head would have a shorter length and the top would be a variation of a fauxhawk.

whether it impacts the states or other parts of the world... well, that depends, i guess. I've seen people in the states that have it. it's not bad at all.

here's what it would look like:


guys think that mullets are cool, but 2 of my friends got them, and from a girl's point of view.... NO, mullets are weird unless you keep them well kept

Afro & Dreadlocks

What is the best way to color hair at home?

If you have to color your hair at home I would suggest avoiding box color. You are depending on a box that does not know the color that your hair is currently or what you previously have put on your hair. It would be best to go to a salon and do it.. There are many salons that are affordable.It costs more for you to color your own hair and then turn it the wrong color and have to get it fixed at a salon. If you absolutely have to color your own hair i would suggest going to a sally beauty supply at least.


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