Fingerprints are a key part of many investigations. Each one is different and is significant to any individual.

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How do you hide fingerprints?

There are many ways to hide fingerprints for both bad and good reasons (not many good reasons though). If you want to hide fingerprints you can either wear thick gloves or gloves such as baseball gloves, not mitts. Also there are ways to prevent from showing fingerprints, and that is pooring sulfuric acid on your fingers but involves pain (obviously woldn't recommend at all). Also another way is to use bleach as a cover up (bleach's ingrediants "eliminate" DNA, but is also used for a bad purpose)


How are fingerprint evidence used to solve crime?

It is actually a HUGE evidence. You probably know that no one's fingerprint is alike. So they have to experiment and look very carefully at the fingerprint and after you're done, there is a high chance police will figure out the crime.


How are fingerprints hereditary?

Yes your fingerprints are unique. They are not exactly like your mom or dads. They are not that different from everyone else. One or two fingers are the same print.


Yes. Your fingerprints are unique but you can inherit pattern types. I believe fingerprints might have a pattern or piece that is something similar to your parents but the only way to know for sure is to test it.

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Finger prints are controlled by genes or DNA hence it is a hereditary character .

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What are materials needed to make fingerprint powder?

The earliest fingerprint powders were made with lampblack (soot). There are now so many specialized powders and reagents used that the list would run for several pages.


What do finger prints consist of?

It is an impression left by the friction of ridges of a human finger.


When did IAFIS became operational?

When they first found out to see finger prints in investigations

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Can tar paper felt paper be painted or is there something else to cover it up?

There are all kinds of chemicals that can inter-react in a negative way. Best thing I would suggest doing is contacting the manufacturer of the tar paper and ask them what they suggest. If possible have them e-mail you their suggestion. it should arrive on their letter-head and would then make them responsible for any adverse reactions.

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Can you get a finger print off a rock?

fingerprints are left from oil that is on the surface of your skin, so it would depend on the type of rock used. for example if this rock was covered in dirt, the fingerprint would be hard to read as the dirt would probably move in the movement of the rock. if you are talking about a polished piece of granite, a fingerprint would be easy to get.


Will hp fingerprint reader work with chrome?

Just install HP SimplePass Identity Protection v doesnt support the software anymore) mine is working for the first time @Chrome v 14.0.835..hope2help..i have hp HDX16T VFS201 fingerprint sensor

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What information is seen when a passport is scanned by immigration?

Hello, Please I have a GHANAIAN passport and want to travel to JAMAICA, please addvice me on immigration and Visa. Thank you.

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Does the finger print change after a cut on the finger?

No. A cut (or even several) on the finger does not change the whorls and ridges of a fingerprint enough to disguise a print.


Are fingerprints hereditary?

yes your fingerprints are unique. they are not exactly like your mom or dads. they are not that different from everyone or two fingers are the same print.


yes. your fingerprints are unique but you can inherit pattern types.

i believe finger print might have a pattern or piece that is something similar to your parents but the only way to know for sure is to test it :P


No, your fingerprints are not hereditary, otherwise they would be the same as your parents'.

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Why can fingerprints be used as evidence in a court?

Fingerprints of every person are unique. except for twins. . So fingerprints are used as evidence.

This has been established over the years as scientific fact that has never been shown to be erroneous. It is pretty much considered common knowledge in this day and age, were 100 years ago it was still not accepted. DNA evidence has only recently been accepted by the scientific community and the laws around it are still evolving. And the use of such things as teeth marks is a growing area.


At what age does a fetus develop fingerprints?

I believe that fetal fingerprints are fully formed by 12 weeks/3months of gestation. Fingerprints are actually created by fetal movements - as the young fetus moves within the uterus, its skin shifts, forming the ridges of its fingerprints. This is the reason why no two people have the same fingerprints, even identical twins.

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What is the most common fingerprint?

Most Common Fingerprint

The loop is the most common finger print. (60% of people have loops)


What does the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System provide?

Automated fingerprint search capabilities


Are fingerprints genetic?

No one has the same fingerprint not even in your family.


If your finger prints are on a gun can you get charged for it?

Your prints on a gun show that at some time, you touched the gun. Beyond that, unsure of your question. Answer will depend on what the law is in your area, and the circumstances you are dealing- you did not give us enough info to make an informed guess. Would suggest you ask an attorney in your state, and not WikiAnswers.

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How do you use nc6400 finger print sensor?

on a laptop look on the bottom of it for "product" and get the info (brand and model number). go onto the website: and type in the search box you computer type and model and "authentec" (compaq nx6320 authentec) to search for the computers fingerprint drive. click on your computers drive then type in the code it tells you. download the one that says "official server", DON'T download the one that says "automatically download and update all outdated drivers" because it downloads other software too. at the start of the installation it will tell you what other software you will need to download to get it working. download and install them by searching on google for them and then you will be able to use it.


Ompare and contrast genetic fingerprints and regular fingerprints?

"Fingerprints" are impressions made by the ridge detail on your fingers. "Genetic fingerprints" is a term usually used to refer to identification methods such as DNA. Fingerprint identification has been used for many years - the 1st US criminal court case was in 1911 - and newer identification methods such as DNA analysis often compare themselves to existing methods with the existing terminology to show their similar dependability.

These two different methods are both very useful but each has it's own strengths and limitations. For example. identical twins have the same DNA, but not the same fingerprints.


Are fingerprints inherited?

No; fingerprints are not inherited. Fingerprints are unique for every person. Even identical twins do not share the same fingerprints. A Scotland Yard scientist has expressed the fact that of all the fingerprints "ever taken for any reason, we still haven't found two individuals that share the same fingerprints."
Well fingerprints are not inherited but the patterns are. There have been studies that show that the fingerprint patterns of related persons are similar. The exact number, shape, and spacing of ridges changes from person to person.

yes fingerprint patterns are genetic and are passed down but every ones fingerprint is unique
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How do fingerprints help solve crimes?

Because each person has a unique set of fingerprints, investigators can determine if a certain person was in a certain place, or touched a certain object, or drove a certain vehicle.

There is always some uncertainty in its use as evidence because a print is seldom a complete and perfect one, and because you usually cannot determine exactly when a print was made. It is extremely difficult but not impossible to fake a print, or to move one from one object to another, or to place an object at a crime scene that already has a person's fingerprint on it.

But it can be powerful circumstantial evidence, such as when prints are found on a gun or other weapon, or in a victim's blood.

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Is the golden number gods finger print?

Umm... no. Numbers are math, math is the language of science. Science was created by God, yes... but his fingerprint?

I think if you want to find "God's fingerprint", look inward at your soul. YOU are God's fingerprint.


Why don't police take a baby's fingerprints for future identification?

They do. Often on birth certificates or other such things, often without the parent's knowledge. If the parents are aware of hand prints, they are almost never informed that it's purpose is for government database identification collection. Ever heard of a field trip for elementary school children, or when an officer visits the school? When they do fingerprinting "for fun," those records are often taken for identification of that child for the rest of their life. I recommend as a parent to protect your child by not allowing this to happen.

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Finger print region in IR spectroscopy?

A fingerprint region is a "specific" region that a molecule shows peak. They are different for all vibrations so that a fingerprint is different for all people.


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