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Foreign Films (non-English)

Foreign Films/Movies or World Cinema includes films from around the world not in the English Language. This can include where the film was produced, filmed, or mainly what language it is spoken in.

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What are the names of some famous French movies?

Here are just a few: Cyrano de Bergerac Jules and Jim (Jules et Jim) The 400 Blows (Les Quatre Cents Coups) Jean de Florette The Dinner Game (Le Dîner de cons) Amélie (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain) ...
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How are Anne Frank and Life is Beautiful related?

They are both Holocaust stories that have impacted the world.
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Did life is beautiful win an Academy Award?

"Life Is Beautiful" (1997) was nominated for 7 Oscars and won 3: Best Actor, Roberto Benigni, Best Original Dramatic Score: Nicola Piovani, and Best Foreign Language Film (Italy). ...
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What are two quotes from the movie Life Is Beautiful?

Guido Orefice: What kind of place is this? It's beautiful: Pigeons fly, women fall from the sky! I'm moving here! Giosué Orefice: "No, the brakes are really gone!" ...
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What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'La Dolce Vita'?

"The sweet life" is a literal English translation of the Italian phrase La dolce vita. Specifically, the feminine singular definite article la means "the" in English. The feminine/masculine adjective dolce means "sweet" in English. The feminine noun vita means "life" in English. The pronunciation will be "lah DOHL-tchey VEE-tah" in Italian. 'Sweet life' is an Italian equivalent of 'dolce vita'. The word 'vita' is a feminine noun whose definite article is 'la' ['the'] and whose indefinite article is 'una' ['a, one']. The phrase is pronounced 'DOHL-tcheh...
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What movie is similar to life is beautiful?

"Pearl Harbor" (2001) is similar to Life is Beautiful in the way its a historical romance. ...
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What is a foreign film?

It's a film in a foreign language.
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What is the setting of the movie life is beautiful?

The setting is an Italian town by the name of Arezzo in 1939 - shortly after Mussolini, who had signed a pact with Hitler, started to adopt Nazi policies of racial purity. ...
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Where can you find English movies with french subtitles?

Little man, Step up has french subtitles and you can also change the language to french if you want to. that's the ones i own and my bro took it to school to watch in his french class, everone enjoyed it. But these movies may or may not be your cup of tea! ...
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What is 'À l'Écu d'Or ou la Bonne Auberge' when translated from French to English?

Roughly translates as "A golden crown for our good inn" (Crown used to mean coinage, "Crowns" are used in several countries up to the present day) I think the meaning is basically "Next round is on me"? ...
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What Oscars did Life Is Beautiful win?

Life Is Beautiful (1998) won 3 Oscars: Best Foreign Language Film, Actor and Score. ...
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What is the movie life is beautiful about?

In 1939, Jewish-Italian Guido Orefice comes into Arezzo, Italy, ultimately to open a book store. In the meantime, he will work as a waiter at the hotel restaurant where his Uncle Eliseo is the maître d'. In town, he meets a school teacher named Dora, who he calls Princess and who comes from a wealthy Italian family. For him, it's love at first sight. Despite she already being in a relationship with another man, Guido ultimately sweeps her off her feet....
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Is life is beautiful a true story?

No, Life is Beautiful is not a true story.
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Who is the director of 'Life is Beautiful'?

Roberto Benigni directed "Life Is Beautiful" and he did a great job.
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What is an opinion on the movie Life is Beautiful?

My opinion: I love the movie. The first half of the film is a rare, clean, funny, romance of an Italian man trying to win the heart of his engaged "princessa". The second half is a non-gory illustration of the concentration camp and his sense of humor....
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Evaluate the changing values that the Indian feature films reflect about society?

Overt sexuality is taboo in Indian films so they substitute elaborate musical numbers. I haven't noticed much change when I come across an Indian film on cable tv. The acting is pure ham city. Satyajit Ray is one of India's greatest film makers, his films are exquisite. ...
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Who are the characters of life is beautiful?

Guido (the protagonist) Dora (the protagonist's wife) Giosue (Guido and Dora's son) ...
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Who is the main character of 'Life is Beautiful'?

A Jewish-Italian bookstore owner and the protagonist of the film. After he marries Dora, they have a son, Giosue. He has a way of making seemingly magical things happen by manipulating his surroundings. When he is taken to a concentration camp with Dora and Giosue, he tries to encourage them with his antics and machinations, and he eventually sacrifices his life to save his son. So he in my opinion is the mian character of 'LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL'. ...
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Who won an Oscar for All About My Mother?

Spain won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for Todo sobre mi madre (aka All About My Mother, 1999) ...
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Is the movie Life is Beautiful based on a true story?

Yes, Life is Beautiful is based on a true story. See article: ...
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Life is beautiful movie principally a comedy or a tragedy?

Life Is Beautiful is neither a comedy or a drama, it's a human story. Stories, even fictional stories, about realistic people can have drama and comedy entwined together, just like real life. ...