Ginseng is a perennial leafy plant that grows in the northern hemisphere. It is best known for its wide usage in Chinese herbal medicine.

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What is the recommended dosage of Siberian ginseng?

Fresh root, powder, tea, extract, capsule/tablet. Powder: 1 - 2 g daily in 2 or 3 doses, taken between meals. Extract: 1 - 2 ml daily. 2 to 4 week rest for every 3 months of use. And more . . .Several supplements are available for helping erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Very few of them have a good success rate. It even decreases when we are talking about natural supplements. Invigo on the other hand has an extremely good clinically tested success rate. Thousands of customers worldwide trust Invigo for their problems. Invigo is arguably the best natural solution in the world for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


Does ginseng mess with urine drug tests?

No, not really.


Can you take Siberian Ginseng while on Clomid?

From your question I can gather that you are trying to have children, and are having trouble with fertility. Pharmaceutical medicine is not an ideal way to go about having children. Fertility is dramatically lowered due to an overload of heavy metals in your system. Why not research into a heavy metal cleanse, they are very cheap compared with conventional medicine and may just be the answer that you are looking for.

Other than that, there should be no harm that comes from combining Siberian Ginseng with Clomid, but if something does happen; stop one of them (I propose the Clomid).

Ginseng root is of course safe, as long as the product is not full of dangerous impurities. You should carefully weigh the risks of taking Clomid. Here is some irony for you. The only place to find the real details about Clomid is at a governmental site. It makes me wonder how many cease and desist letters were sent out to non-governmental sites which were attempting to disseminate the same information. In its defense, Clomid is considered relatively "safe" in comparison to the other pharmaceuticals. However, I recommend avoidance of this chemical compound, if not for yourself, then at least for the welfare of your prospective child:

"The following fetal abnormalities have also been reported during postmarketing surveillance [of Clomid]: delayed development; abnormal bone development including skeletal malformations of the skull, face, nasal passages, jaw, hand, limb (ectromelia including amelia, hemimelia, and phocomelia), foot, and joints; tissue malformations including imperforate anus, tracheoesophageal fistula, diaphragmatic hernia, renal agenesis and dysgenesis, and malformations of the eye and lens (cataract), ear, lung, heart (ventricular septal defect and tetralogy of Fallot), and genitalia; as well as dwarfism, deafness, mental retardation, chromosomal disorders, and neural tube defects (including anencephaly)."

It is important to distinguish between Siberian Ginseng, or Eleutherococcus senticosus, and Ginseng Root Panex spp, two completely different herbs (but related). As a clinical herbalist and acupuncturist of many years, I would be cautious in making a blanket recommendation of Ginseng Root for a women trying to conceive, while much more comfortable with the more gentle Eleuthrococus.

Chinese medicine is very successful in increasing a woman's chance to conceive, used by itself, or with IVF and other medical interventions. Chinese herbs for fertility address the underlying issues that lead to infertility. Chinese herbs can restore health when there are structural issues, such as a blockage in the fallopian tube, or fibroid in the uterus. Chinese herbs are also effective at addressing mechanical issues seen in infertility, such as scar tissue that blocks the fallopian tubes or Endometriosis. Ovulatory issues can also be addressed successfully with Chinese medicinal herb formulas; they can balance hormones effectively when ovarian failure is due to hormonal issues. Chinese herb formulas are especially helpful for older women who have the mysterious unknown causes for infertility.



How do you dry ginseng?

Spread cleaned roots on a piece of old ply wood or screen rack in the shade for drying. Don't put them directly in the sun to dry. The sun will discolor the roots to some degree. Turn them frequently and provide adequate aeration. Drying time varies with root size and drying techniques. Large roots require three or more weeks to dry at room temperature or outdoors but small roots dry in a few days. I dry them until they just start to snap when you bend enough to break them. Do not oven dry or put them in the microwave. Drying too fast will discolor the roots. Store the dried roots in a dry, airy, rodent-proof place until ready for sale.


Who invented ginseng?



What is the difference between Asian and Korean Ginseng?

Different types of Ginseng:


Is Red Korean Ginseng can cure Hepatitis C?

No link, only ridiculous suppositions.


Does panax ginseng expire?

Yes, it also expires

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not without rightful compensation, as said in the constitution


How should you increase your testosterone levels naturally and does Ginseng work for this?

You don't. Ginseng has never been proven to be successful. Many of the studies done on ginseng has been biased, and there is a lot of false information out there. But the fact is that it has never been proven that ginseng has any kind of medical benefit. But trying to increase your testosterone levels is a very bad idea. It will have some very short-lived benefits, but in the end it can have the opposite effect to what people expect. It can cause hormone imbalances, which can cause things like erectile disfunction, decreased sperm count, and practically non-existant libido.

-DJ Craig

Increasing testosterone levels above the normal physiological ranges by supplementing with testosterone can lead to testicular atrophy, ED, decreased libido, etc. However, for men or women with free testosterone below the normal physiological ranges it is not necessarily detrimental to increase testosterone, and is very often beneficial. These people are probably already experiencing erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and in women, vaginal dryness, may also be experiencing increasing abdominal fat, apathy, a burned-out feeling, and general dissatisfaction with life.

Testosterone should be in balance with estrogens and progesterone. Both men and women have all three hormones, but the balance is different for men than for women (naturally). One of the best ways to find out whether your hormone levels are normal or low (or high) and whether they are in relative balance, is to do a 24-hour Urine Hormone Profile that looks at all of your sex and adrenal hormones. One reason men sometimes experience symptoms of low testosterone is not because they don't have enough, but because they are converting too much of it to estrogen. This is also associated with insulin-resistance and an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

A 24 hour urine hormone profile will also measure metabolites of estrogens that can increase or decrease the risk of breast or prostate cancer. It will measure DHEA, a precursor for estrogen and testosterone, as well as metabolites of both DHEA and Testosterone which give clues to how your body is using the them. Although progesterone is not stable in urine, there are progesterone metabolites that are stable in urine and are good indicators of progesterone levels and metabolism. A 24-hour urine hormone profile will look at your adrenal hormones and metabolites to give you an idea of your adrenal health, which dictates how you deal with stress and impacts your health in a myriad of ways. Low libido can be function of poor adrenal health as well as inadequate testosterone levels. Finally, a 24-hour urine hormone profile will look at enzyme activity which can give further information about why a you might be experiencing low libido, and can also give valuable information about risk for diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Hormone balancing is much more than just avoiding using excessive doses of testosterone or other hormones. It may require supplementing with the appropriate bio-identical hormones (monitored by a health care provider trained and experienced in prescribing hormones) or it may be enough to use nutritional or botanical supplementation to support your endogenous hormone production.

A recent search of Pub Med on the term "ginseng" turned up 3917 citations. Of those, 299 were review articles, with 111 of them being published within the past 5 years. The majority of the Review articles were in English, but a number had been published in 9 other languages. A quick review of the 299 review article citations revealed that approximately 61 of them were in the area of basic science, e.g., "what is this substance composed of and what does it do at the biochemical level?", of which approximately 30 were specifically about constituents and mechanisms. The remainder of the 299, or 238, appeared to be about clinical applications, e.g., "what happens if you use this?"

A wide range of journals were represented, the vast majority of which could be considered mainstream journals (as opposed to journals specifically researching or promoting alternative medicines). Among those represented were journals such as the Journal of Pharmacological Science, Current Medical Chemistry, Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, American Family Physician, and the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

35 of the clinically-oriented articles were about the use of ginseng in cancer and cancer prevention. 12 were about diabetes, weight control or blood sugar regulation; 23 had to do with neurological/cognitive function, including Alzheimer's, ADHD, Parkinson's, brain injury, and general cognitive function; 9 related to athletic performance; 14 related to menopause; 11 had to do with aging; 20 had to do with cardiovascular health; 3 related to radiation injury; 11 had to do with immune function; 3 were about asthma or lung function; 8 had to do with stress and/or mood; 7 had to do with sexual function; 2 were about addiction; 86 were classified as "other" which included general articles that did not focus on a particular condition, articles about interactions between ginseng and prescription drugs, and articles that were otherwise difficult to classify by looking at the titles. A very few of the articles (6) could fit in more than one category, i.e., aging and cognitive function, and were counted in both categories.


Does Ginseng raise your blood pressure?

North American Ginseng Exerts a Neutral Effect on Blood Pressure in Individuals With Hypertension

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Can you take a antidepressant with ginseng?

I'm not much of a specialist here, but it looks like these two have somewhat opposite effects. Ginseng ramps you up while an antidepressant calms you down. I wouldn't do that.


What is Hindi name of Ginseng?


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What Native American plant root was formerly used to treat abdominal pain?



Is ginseng banned in the Olympics?



What is the difference between Korean ginseng and panax ginseng and what are the efficacies of both types of ginseng?

The ginseng grown in Korea is panax ginseng.


Can you smoke ginseng leaves?

you can smoke just about anything if you put your mind to it


What state is the nations leading producer in ginseng?



Can you take ginseng with lithium?

You have no reason to do so.


What part of ginseng is used to make the medicine?

Only the roots.


How much does a pound of ginseng sell for?

Where i live it was $800 last year but this year it is $400 i live in WV.


Is ginseng used in energy drinks?

yes it is used in energy because its what produces the energy


Benefits of Korean ginseng tea?

Korean Red Ginseng has many benefits. It can improve your mental health, increase your energy, boost your immune system and even increase your sexual stamina. There has been tons of studies on ginseng that you can read about in the medical article database.


What does ginseng help cure?

it helps cure diabetes it helps cure diabetes


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