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A truly healthy person has a sound body and mind that is free of disease and infirmity. Healthy living includes taking the steps needed to optimize one's chances of surviving and thriving, like eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Questions relating to all aspects of health and living a healthy life are welcome here!

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How many grams of carbs are recommended per day?

HOW MANY GRAMS OF CARBS ARE RECOMMENDED PER DAY It depends on whether you want to aim for optimum health, in addition to whether you want to lose weight maintain weight or gain weight. Therefore, the question overall is answered using sub headings -- one is for weight loss, one is for weight maintenance or weight gain, and one is for optimum health for all groups. HOW MANY GRAMS OF CARBS ARE RECOMMENDED PER DAY FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT For weight loss 20-60...
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What causes bumps on the back of your tongue?

The bumps on the back of your tongue would be called your taste buds. The vallate papillae are a v-shaped row of larger taste buds at the back of your tongue. Many people don't notice these until they have a concern about oral infection and take a good look in their throat, not realizing that these prominent bumps have always been there. Take a look at the related link to see if these vallate papillae are what you're concerned about. And, whatever...
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Easiest way to lose lower stomach fat?

Get your body transformation in 100 days with Clinic dermatech, I was checking a blog - and found they are offering services for body shaping, for more you can contact them @
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How many calories are in eggs?

A raw U.S. large egg contains around 33 grams of egg white with 3.6 grams of protein, 0.24 grams of carbohydrate and 55 milligrams of sodium. It contains no cholesterol and the energy content is about 17 Calories....
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How to lose stomach fat?

Using a serious whey protein and fat blast supplement and capsule . its increase a stamina and muscles and fat blast to decrease your fat...
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How to lose belly fat?

As many wise men said, you can't target fat loss to a certain part of your body. If you want to lose belly fat, you have to lose overall fat. For that, you have to dedicate yourself to a proper workout program, a healthy diet on a daily basis, and mental determination so that you don't drift off from your ultimate goal. You can even use aloe vera for belly fat loss as it has...
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Is drinking too much water toxic?

Yes, drinking too much water can be toxic - except it is very hard to drink too much fresh, clean water to be able to die. Normal healthy people would need to drink on the order of 20 liters per day for it to be toxic but people with some medical problems, particularly the elderly and very young, can get toxic on much lesser amounts. Also people with psychiatric disorders, most notably schizophrenia. Drinking too much water is called polydipsia. This, as...
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How long does it take to see weight lifting results?

You can get results in 1-2 weeks. That is, you can 'feel' some muscles growing, but dont expect to look noticably different. On the first day lift weights for about 30 mins, and make sure you lift weights that are 'reasonably heavy' but not to an extent that you are struggling after the 3rd lift (rep). Your muscles must hurt for a few days after this session, to the extent that when you extend your arm it hurts, and when you...
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What are examples of prefixes and suffixes?

A prefix is a syllable placed in front of a word to add or to change its meaning. Prefix -- Meaning -- Example 1) anti -- against, opposite -- anti-fungal, antidepressant 2) auto -- self -- autograph, automobile 3) bi -- two -- bicycle, bivalve 4) con -- with -- contact, conform, converse 5) un -- not -- unconvincing, unnatural, unprepared 6) re -- again -- revisit, reenter 7) a, an -- not, without -- amoral, anesthetic, apolitical, asocial 8) ab -- away from -- abduction,...
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What are fat burning foods?

WHAT ARE FAT BURNING FOODS Consuming the specific fat burning proteins can be an important part of achieving lasting fat loss (along with exercise if possible). In relation to these foods, there are three key ideas about nutrition to understand. Namely: The "thermic effect" of food How to boost your metabolic rate The order of macronutrients your body prefers to use The three macronutrients of food are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. However, the caloric cost for your body to use them significantly differs. In relation to...
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How can you protect yourself and others from viruses and flu?

How to avoid the spread of colds, flu, and other viral infections: THE SHORT ANSWER: For the flu, get a vaccination (flu shot or jab). See more below in the longer answer. For other viral infections such as measles, mumps, etc. there are also vaccinations that should be used. To avoid HIV/AIDS, or other viral sexually transmitted diseases and infections, always use a condom. See below for more. For a common cold there are no vaccinations, so you'll need to avoid anyone sick, stay at...
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What are the 8 comprehensive school health program?

8 components of CSH program are: Environment Instruction Services PE Nutrition Counseling Promotion Partnerships ...
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How can you gain weight quickly and easily?

One can gain weights by eating excessively. One can also gain weight without enough exercise. Too much fatty foods can also lead to weight gain. ...
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Best foods for weight loss?

BEST FOODS FOR WEIGHT LOSS (foods to eat and foods to avoid) So, what is the best diet or the best foods for weight loss? Well, to lose body fat and keep it off, eliminate or strictly limit refined processed carbohydrates (apart from an occasional treat). Consuming too many refined processed carbohydrates can have many negative effects on health. Over-consumption of refined processed carbohydrates, is a major cause of unwanted weight gain, obesity, heart disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and many other diet...
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Is it safe to eat chicken every day?

There are no specific dangers related to eating chicken (with other things) every day. However, limiting your diet also limits the various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs. If you are sticking with chicken, be sure to mix up your different veggies, fruits, grains, and other types of food to better cover your diet. ...
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Is bright yellow urine normal?

It's not necessarily a danger sign. You may be simply offloading a high concentration of vitamin C (which, when you over-consume, simply dumps the excess to the urine), or betacarotene, the precursor to vitamin A, and the coloring agent in lots of orange fruits and veggies such as carrots or cantaloupe. Also, a lot of the B-vitamins can have this exact effect. If the urine is clear, this is a good sign and makes the vitamin density the most likely explanation. It could...
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Can a girl have a six pack?

With proper Exercise and diet anyone regardless of gender of body type can achieve a six pack all it required is persistence and dedication. ...
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How to build muscle and burn fat?

HOW TO BUILD MUSCLE AND BURN FAT (suitable for men or women) How to build muscle and burn fat? Well, the correct ways to burn fat and build muscle are through specific eating habits and specific exercises. The best overall approach involves three components: (1) Eating specific foods (2) Weight/Strength training (3) Cardiovascular (cardio) exercise Awaiting you at the bottom of this answer, are links to free lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid, choices of free cardio exercise plans, and free weight/strength...
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Is gobo root good for you?

Yes, it is. It has a high source of protein. It also tastes good.... YUM!! ...
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What is The meaning of phosphorous?

Phosphorus is one of the mineral elements, indeed a major mineral required by the body for its proper metabolism. The term metabolism used here is in a loose sense. Actually, phosphorus level in the body is checked alongside with that of calcium. This is done by the hormone secreted by the parathyroid gland, the parathyroid hormone (PTH). This hormone is supported by the prohormone, provitamin D3, which is actually produced by the direct rays of the UV light at about 298nm on...
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Is it better to dye your hair when it is clean or when it is dirty?

While there is some controversy about this question, it is a fact that it takes longer for the chemicals to break through dirt to perform the reaction desired. If the hair is not too dirty, the dirt will help protect the scalp from the sometimes harsh reaction to the skin. "Too dirty" is a relative term, and includes styling products and processes. If your hair has been washed within 3 days and you have not used a whole can of hairspray on...
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What drug store sells Equaline products?

shaws does.. and most likely all supervalu stores as well
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What is cardio exercise and what are good examples?

The best cardio exercise is the one that suits you as an individual. In other words, the best cardio exercise is the one that you can sustain. For example, walking is easier on your body than running or jogging. Therefore, walking will be the best cardio if you are significantly overweight or unaccustomed to exercise. Therefore, the best cardio (or more than one if you like variety) is one that you can physically sustain and not grow bored with after the first week. Any...