Locusts are common pests that travel in packs and can greatly damage crops.

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Where do locusts sleep?

in their beds

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Are there locusts in Florida?

no, they're scared


Is the locust extinct?

The Rocky Mountain locust has been extinct for some time now, however there are other variants of the species that thrive in africa.


Are locust blind?

No. They're not. Actually they have pretty good vision. And they don't bump into each other's way when they're swarming.

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What scares the boys sending the boys rushing into the darkeness screaming?


Ice Cream

Why would Locust beans be used in ice cream?

Locust bean could be used in ice cream as a thickening agent. It also gives a sweet taste so they don't have to add extra sugar. Hope this helps.

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What is the difference between a locust and a cicada?

Cicadas are in the order Homoptera, most closely related to plant lice and leafhoppers.

Cicadas lay eggs in slits in twigs; annual species hatch and mature on their host trees

and sing loudly during hot summer days. Periodical cicadas drop to the ground after

hatching and spend anywhere from a few to 17 years as nymphs feeding on tree roots

underground before maturing to adults. "Locust" is a general, colloquial term that

usually refers to migratory grasshoppers of the order Orthoptera, but is sometimes applied

to other insects of the order, including crickets and katydids.


What happens to the crops in an area attacked by the locusts?

they fight back


American locust scientific name?

locostio eltostio


Do locusts live in the US?

If grasshoppers do then locust do .


How old was the worlds oldest locust?

bout 7


Can locusts live with crickets?

no too much bad blood


What do locusts look like?

cats but bigger


Are locusts born in the ground?

no in clouds

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What causes a '97 Lexus LX450 SUV to make loud hissing noises when you press on the gas pedal then it slowly accelerates?

check for a vacume leak on the engine IF the Car has very little POWER & hisses - IT sounds like a Blocked Catalitic Converter- OR even the Muffler could be blocked-SOMETIMES if there is a DOUBLE WALLED exhaust pipe the inside pipe can colapse & cause a restriction.


How can you get through to someone if they're scared of commitment?

If you really love this person don't trap them in a corner. Sit down or go for a walk and ask this person straight out to explain their fears. You'd be surprised what you might hear, but it's workable.

When I met my 2nd husband he was very shy and terrified of a serious relationship. He would stay over weekends in my apartment, but I have always been true to myself and after 2 years of this I simply said, "If you think you are getting milk for free without buying this cow, think again!" Ha, ha. I started dating someone else for a bit, and bango! We were married the next August and everything worked out just fine. Be prepared though that you are not mixing up commitment with the person simply not wanting to settle down at all or growing tired of your relationship and this is why you must sit down and have a good talk together. You'll know the truth from that.

Good luck Marcy

You "get through to him" by showing respect for him and what he is feeling. If you love him, then wait as long as you can. Once you cannot wait any more, you'll have to let him know. At that time, he'll probably need some time away from you to figure out how much you actually do mean to him or to shake him up and not take you for granted. If he doesn't come back or want to go farther with the relationship, odds are he would not have anyway.

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Can UFOs harm us?

There is, of course, no known and proven connection between UFOs (objects seen in, but not recognized in, the sky) and aliens. There is, in actual scientific fact, no proof that aliens even exist, let alone have the tech and poor taste to travel here.

It would depend on whether or not the aliens (if there actually were any) are hostile. There are no publicly known instances of anyone being hurt by a UFO, or of the existence of alien spacecrafts or aliens. One Unidentified Flying Object was in a sense responsible for a human death. A pilot, trying to chase what was later identified as a Skyhook balloon, went too high without oxygen, passed out, and crashed. But it wasn't the balloon that did it, it was his own carelessness in going too high when he knew that it was unsafe.


The name of that pilot was Captain Thomas Mantell (who was with the Air National Guard and at the battle of Normandy), and FYI the Skyhook balloon theory is still highly ridiculed by many people. A pilot with 2200+ hours in the sky is NOT careless.


It is easy to claim so, but pilots with far more experience have died of pilot error. There is simply no doubt that Mantell, who knew he had no O2 gear, flew far higher than he was supposed to without it, easily high enough to lose consciousness, and that the subsequent loss of his plane was entirely consistent with the plane lacking an effective pilot.

It is easy for some to scoff at the Skyhook balloon explanation, but not so easy for them to prove that Mantell was following something other than the balloon, which just happened to resemble in every way what such a balloon would look like. It should also be duly noted that since the incident in question was correctly identified by the other poster, the description of the event must have been accurate.


An unidentified flying object does not necessarily mean that they are containing anything. It may just be something falling some space, such as meteoroids and other miscellaneous objects.

If an object did fall from space into our atmosphere, it would most likely burn up and never touch the surface of our planet. However, if it did get through the atmosphere, the explosion could be colossal even if the remaining mass of the object was as big as a brick.

It is best to remember that no UFO has ever been known and proven to be an alien spacecraft. It's fun to pretend otherwise, but not scientific to do so.


How can one kill locust tree sprouts after the tree is removed?

Get rid of as much of the root system as possible; remove any sprouted saplings quickly; and be sure there are no seed pods remaining on the grounds. It isn't an easy task.

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How hard is the fcat?

The Fcat is not that hard if you studied.It may also be hard for other people.If you are not good in a subject tell your mom to get you a tutor.Don't wait to the last minute when you fail the Fcat.

The Fcat is not that hard but if you study you will pass the Fcat.It might seem hard for other kids because they don't listen in class.If you are bad with a subject tell your mom to get you a tutor.Don't wait until the last minute when you fail the Fcat.

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How do beavers swim underwater?

they have gills


Why did God send locusts after the plague of hail?

To eat the crops of the ancient egyptians so they would starve, mind this is just a story though. A religious icon in somes mind but the likelyhood of another plague is questionable due to recent advances in technology.

Jewish answer:

Jewish tradition (and the Torah) state that the plagues were real events. Remarkably, an ancient document (the Ipuwer papyrus) mentions "the river turned to blood" and other Biblical parallels.

To answer the question, the locusts ate whatever vegetation had survived the plague of hail

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How do spiders move?

Spiders have 8 legs. To move they fill their legs with blood, forcing the legs to straighten out. The front legs reach ahead of the spider and the back legs, when straightened out push the spider forwards.


Why does locust insect attack people?

because they are scared.

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What is a group of locusts called?



What do Locusts taste like?

Eating locusts, from the diary of Mr Blunt (quoted in Lady Wentworth's The Arabian Horse): "It is, I think, not generally known how excellent locusts are as food ... the red locust--which is, I believe, the female--is the best eating, and should be plain boiled. No further preparation is necessary beyond pulling off the long legs; then the insect is taken by the wings, his head dipped in salt, and he is eaten just as he is. In taste he resembles green wheat, having a very delicate vegetable flavour. Fried he is less good. also here is a recipe link for locust bisque; and two recipes at this link;


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