Sister Wives Reality Series

Sister Wives is an American reality show that introduces the world to the inner workings of a polygamist family: Kody Brown, his four wives and their 17 combined children. The show explores how the family negotiates multiple homes, relationships and children.

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Sister Wives Reality Series

How many viewers does the 'Sister Wives' have?

During season one, each episode had a viewership of 1.8 to 2.7 million people.

Sister Wives Reality Series

Why did sister wives have to leave Utah?

The Brown Family from 'Sister Wives' chose to leave Utah because a legal investigation was launched against them once the show aired. They felt threatened by law enforcement and decided that it was not the best environment for their children.

Sister Wives Reality Series

What are the full names and birthdays of all of the Sister Wives family members?


  1. Kody Winn Brown - January 17, 1968

Wives (in marriage order):

  1. Meri Caroline Brown (nee Barber) - January 16, 1971
  2. Janelle Brown (nee Schriever) - May 6, 1969
  3. Christine Ruth Brown (nee Allred) - April 18, 1972
  4. Robyn Alyce Brown (nee Marck) - October 9, 1978

Children of Kody and Meri Brown:

  1. Mariah Lian Brown - July 29, 1995

Children of Kody and Janelle Brown:

  1. Logan Taylor Brown - May 21, 1994
  2. Madison Rose "Maddie" Brush (nee Brown) - November 3, 1995
  3. Hunter Elias Brown - February 9, 1997
  4. Robert Garrison "Garrison" Brown - April 10, 1998
  5. Gabriel Brown - January 8, 2001
  6. Savanah Brown - December 7, 2004

Children of Kody and Christine Brown:

  1. Aspyn Brown - March 14, 1995
  2. Mykelti Ann Padron (nee Brown) - June 9, 1996
  3. Paedon Brown - August 7, 1998
  4. Gwendlyn Brown - July 23, 2001
  5. Ysabel Paige Brown - March 7, 2003
  6. Truely Grace Brown - April 13, 2010

Children of Kody and Robyn Brown:

  1. Solomon Brown - October 27, 2011
  2. Ariella Mae Brown - January 10, 2016

Children of Robyn Brown and David Preston Jessop Sr. (Robyn's first husband):

  1. David Preston "Dayton" Jessop Jr. - January 16, 2000
  2. Aurora Jessop - June 4, 2002
  3. Breanna Jessop - April 8, 2005

Spouses of Kody Brown's Married Children:

  1. Caleb James Brush (husband of Maddie Brush) - born 1987-1988
  2. Antonio Padron (husband of Mykelti Padron) - born 1993
Sister Wives Reality Series

When will new episodes of Sister Wives start airing in 2013?

New episodes of Sister Wives will start airing in May 2013.

Sister Wives Reality Series

What city is sister wives filmed?

The Brown Family's home used to be in Lehi, Utah. Before moving near the family, Robyn lived in St. George, Utah. Christine delivered her baby in American Fork, Utah (the nearest hospital to Lehi). Kody took Meri to an anniversary dinner at LaCaille in Sandy, Utah. They have also shown a few scenes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Browns currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, so their show is filmed at various schools, restaurants, shops, and other sites around Las Vegas.

Sister Wives Reality Series

Will there be sister wives season 4?

Yes. Sister Wives currently has seven seasons, and an eighth is being filmed. TLC has not released information on its airdate.

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Sister Wives Reality Series

How does Kody Brown support his huge family?

Kody works in the advertising and marketing industry. His first wife Meri was working in the mental health industry until she was fired for starring in 'Sister Wives'. Second wife Janelle also has a professional job, but she has not released what industry she works in. One episode showed her at the Salt Lake City/County building, so it is possible she works in government. Third wife Christine is the stay-at-home mom, and we have not yet learned if fourth wife Robyn has a job. Everyone who has a job contributes to the family income, and with so many kids hand-me-down and shared toys and clothing save them a lot of money!

Sister Wives Reality Series

What happen to polyamists Kody Brown family?

Kody Brown and his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to escape the scrutiny of the legal investigation that was being done on their family for violating Utah's Bigamy law. While the bigamy investigation is still ongoing, they feel more comfortable in Las Vegas, where they don't feel they are being followed by the police.

Meanwhile, the Brown family has announced that they are currently filing a lawsuit challenging the Utah bigamy law.

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Sister Wives Reality Series

Why isn't Kody Brown being prosecuted for polygamy?

Kody Brown and his family, stars of TLC's reality show are currently being investigated by Utah law enforcement on charges of bigamy by cohabitation, which is a felony in the state of Utah. If they are found guilty and prosecuted, they will each face at least 5 years in prison.

There are thousands of polygamist families in Utah, and because there are so many, the state doesn't have the time, money and other resources to prosecute all the polygamists. Generally a family is only investigated on bigamy charges if there has been a complaint or report of abuse, rape, or underage marriage. A case like this usually comes up in Utah every few years. In the case of the Browns, the state and much of the public in the community have known of their lifestyle for quite some time, but it was not until they decided to flaunt their illegal activities (and the fact that they have not been prosecuted) on national television that the state decided to investigate.

The fact of the matter is, thousands of polygamists in Utah will never be prosecuted or investigated by law enforcement so long as they stay quiet. This is because crimes that actually hurt people, like murder, abuse, rape, drugs, and robberies are considered more important. The state doesn't have the money or manpower to investigate and try all the polygamists, nor do they have the facilities to house the tens of thousands of children which will become wards of the state for years while their parents are jailed.

Another important reason why the Browns are not being prosecuted is the Supreme Court's June 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which decriminalized all private adult consensual intimacy, not just gay sex. If the law enforcement community pushes adult bigamy prosecutions, it risks setting up a test case which will affirm that the Lawrence decision applies to polygamy, thus fully decriminalizing it nationwide.

Sister Wives Reality Series

Where did Kody Brown grow up?

Kody grew up on a ranch in Wyoming.

Sister Wives Reality Series

What night does 'Sister Wives' air?

Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights on TLC. There have thus far been seven seasons.

Las Vegas
Sister Wives Reality Series

Where in Las Vegas do the Sister Wives live?

It is against policy to publish personal information, for both celebrities and non celebrities.

Sister Wives Reality Series

What is the name of Kody Brown's father?

Kody's father's name is Winn Brown.

Sister Wives Reality Series

What does Kody Brown from 'Sister Wives' do for a living specifically?

Kody Brown of TLC's "Sister Wives" is in advertising sales. That is all the information he has released to the public.

Sister Wives Reality Series

Who are Kody Brown's Parents?

His parents are Genielle and Winn Brown who live on a ranch in Lovell Wyoming.

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Sister Wives Reality Series

How does Cody Brown of the sister wives show afford all of the houses in Las Vegas?

tv reality show

Sister Wives Reality Series

What is the show sister wives about?

Sister Wives is a show documenting the day-to-day life of the Brown Family. Kody Brown has four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) and his 17 children. The first few seasons have shown Kody's marriage to Robyn; the family's move from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada; the birth of two children; and the struggles they have faced when others don't accept their lifestyle.

Sister Wives Reality Series

Do the Kody Brown children get government assistance?


Sister Wives Reality Series

Are the sister wives on TLC real sisters?

No. The Sister Wives on TLC have never claimed to be sisters, and they are not sisters, nor are they legally or genetically related in any way. They are Sister Wives - that is a title used to refer to women who share a husband, not to women who share a father or mother.

Sister Wives Reality Series

How much do the women on Sister Wives make per episode?

The sister wives compensation for their reality television show is not public information.

On WA we refrain from posting detailed personal financial (net worth, income, compensation etc.) information. This includes detailed information that allows people to derive that information or to violate the family's privacy.

It is WikiAnswers policy not to provide personal private information for celebrities and noncelebrities alike.

One Wikianswer's contributors opinion: 76000 each wife and 76000 for Cody.

Sister Wives Reality Series

What does Kody Brown of 'Sister Wives' do for a living?

He works in advertising and marketing sales for a company in Nevada. However, he does not release the name of his company for the protection of everyone involved.

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Sister Wives Reality Series

How do you get on the lawsuit against Sanford brown? is the law firm handeling the case. give em a call.

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Sister Wives Reality Series

Who was Kody Brown's first wife?


US Constitution
Sister Wives Reality Series

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Sister Wives Reality Series

Where does the famous kody brown family live?

Kody Brown and his family (four wives and 17 children) live in four homes in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada. The exact location of the homes has been very well protected in order to protect the identity and safety of the family.


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