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Zoo Tycoon is a video game for a Nintendo DS or computer that lets you manage your own zoo, hire staff and create animal exhibits.

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How much does zoo tycoon cost?

it's about 19$ at a goodwill

but i don't know it at game stop :L

Zoo Tycoon

Where can you download free animals for zoo tycoon 2?

You Should Go On Its Website And Download Packs.

Zoo Tycoon

Where can you download Zoo tycoon 2 extinct animals full version?

You can use torrent but it illegal <maybe>

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How do you make pools in zoo tycoon 2 marine mania?

You use the tank wall (found in 'tanks' in construction panel) and make the tank as you would a regular fence. It will fill up with water when you have done it right. Then, use the water from the biome modification to make it the right biome for your animals. Hint: you cannot use outer walls as fences, you must use all tank walls.

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How do you download hemp tycoon?

go to hemptycoon.com/help

thank you

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How do you get a trex in zoo tycoon 2?

The T-REX is an animal in zoo tycoon 2 Extinct animals. You have to buy the expansion pack to get the animal.

In campaign game, the T-REX is an animal that requires 5 stars to buy.

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Where do you get the zoo tycoon 2 Prehistoric Pandemonium?

It has not been released yet,

There are fan-sites for Zoo Tycoon 2, and you can find information regarding PP on them in the user-made expansions forums.

I dare say that you may need to join to access the forum though.

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Can you still buy zoo tycoon for mac?


Zoo Tycoon

When will zoo tycoon 3 come out?

The release date is unknown, so sorry:(

I'm not sure if there going to be a ZT3 because blue fang games contract with Microsoft has expired

Zoo Tycoon

Reasons you would get fired as a zoo keeper?

There are many reasons that zoo keepers could get fired. One of them is looking after the animals badly. Another is damaging the zoo. Another is not paying any attention to the surroundings and the animals. Another is hurting and humiliating the animal, and also making it stressed and or bored. Many zoo keepers do not care about the animals and just leave them, which they could get fired for. The worst one of all for getting fired is; letting the animals loose!

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How do you get a mermaid on Zoo Tycoon 2?

As far as I know you can't. Unless you can find a download somewhere on a Zoo Tycoon Downloading site. However, you can get a mermaid in Zoo Tycoon 1. You buy a Mermaid statue and place it in the water. It would be so cool if you could do this on Zoo Tycoon 2.

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How do you rotate things in airport tycoon 3?

How do you rotate the road in AT3

Zoo Tycoon

Zoo tycoon 2 how to change animals name?

you click on them and where it says it species, for example cheetah1.then you backspace completely and write its name

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
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Do zoos make animals suffer from psychological distress?

When you consider the fact that all animals in the zoo, or nearly all, are species that normally only exist in the wild, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that living in a cage is not a normal or natural state to them. Some animals seem to adjust to zoo life, and some never do. I enjoy visiting the zoo, as I get to see many animals that I would otherwise never encounter. But it saddens me a little that they're cooped up in cages and not living the way they were meant to. On the other hand, life in the wild is a dog eat dog sort of existence, and zoo animals often outlive there wild counterparts due to vet care, better diet, and being protected from predators. Some animals would be extinct if there weren't a few in zoos around the world. So, to answer the question, I would hazard a guess that yes, it does cause them stress, for some animals to some degree.

Additional Information;

Zoos not so long ago, yes! Not in Britain, Australia, and most modern developed countries nowadays. As most zoos now are more orientated towards endangered animals, and/or threatened species, and in fact, help that situation. Even take in unwanted exotic animals, etc.

I'm sorry to say, in some shall we say "backwards" countries, zoos are still a form of entertainment only, and yes the animals in those zoos do more often than not suffer a lot of stress, and unhappiness and a terrible quality of life and treatment. Another View: Just my personal opinion and by reading allot about it, I think no matter the situation all confined animals suffer stress to some extent. You take them from their natural habitat and "try" to create one for them. Yes, I'm sure it is stressful. Wild animals are used to having miles upon miles of land to roam. Then you capture one, and put it into a confined space that lets say, at best may be a mile in diameter, its still not what nature had intended for that animal. So I say yes, even if in some cases it is trying to help the animal, I do believe it still creates stress. And in zoos, they have to be handled to some degree, and they have to be fed by man, and ultimately cared for by man. Where normally the two would never come together, yes its stressful. It is an unnatural setting all together.

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Do you need zoo tycoon 2 disc 1 to play zoo tycoon?

yes 1

Zoo Tycoon
Orcas (killer whales)

Can you breed a male killer penguin and a female killer penguin in zoo tycoon 2?


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Zoo Tycoon 2 Marine Mania expansion pack wont work?

Your computer memory is probably low. It happened to me. When I got a new computer just for games, it worked because the memory was not used up

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Where can you play zoo tycoon 2 free online?

You can't sadly I've tried that a long time ago, I couldn't find zoo tycoon. However there are games that are free and online that are somewhat like zoo tycoon, which are not really that great because the closest thing I seen was a facebook game.

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Can you get unicorns in zoo tycoon 2?

Yes you can download one here: http://zoxaeus.com/ZTForums/index.php?automodule=downloads&showfile=446

When they finish fixing it.

Edit: In Zoo Tycoon 1( I don't know if it works on 2,)you create and exhibit and keep its name Exihibt 1. Then go back and change it to Xanadu check your animal list a male black and orage uni should be there female is white and yellow very pre tty.

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How do you get dinosaurs on zoo tycoon ds?

To earn a dinosaur or a unicorn you have to have earned 3 different awards during the manual levels. They cost £40,000 - £50,000 each so be sure to put some money aside.

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How do I change the guests names in zoo tycoon DS?

This had been bugging me for a very long time but after playing the game and checking every cheat code site I've come to the conclusion that they just don't exist. I have a cheat code book that has them published... but I know them from the old games and they are certainly not visible in the DS version and thus I think that one person accidently pasted them from a PC version of Zoo Tycoon once and all the other cheat sites pounced on the cheats without checking first. Prove me wrong. You'll help a vast amoun of people. But I highly doubt I am. == == You can not. Myth!

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In zoo tycoon the zoo keeper won't feed animals?

Try placing food yourself. Click the animal or animal species and click the Zookeeper recommendations button. I looks like the head of the Staff Button. Then, click food and all the food the animals eats should be there!

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How do you download Ape Zoo Tycoon editor?

Try this website: http://www.funranch.com/extra/zt/downloads.asp

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What is one code for crib life com?


Zoo Tycoon

Where can you get a Siberian Tiger for Zoo Tycoon 2?

in which web site we will get giant anaconda for zoo tycoon 2


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