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Q: What continent does ivory ceramic and jade come from?
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What type of jewels did Marco polo get from Asia?

jade, ivory, silk, jewels, and porcelin

What tools did the Huang Valley use?

They used Bronze Copper Jade and Ivory tools.

Did vietnamise people use bone silver ivory and jade ornaments?

Yes, Vietnamese people historically used bone, silver, ivory, and jade ornaments for personal adornment and cultural significance. These materials were often crafted into intricate jewelry and decorative items that showcased the craftsmanship and artistry of Vietnamese artisans. However, the use of ivory is now banned due to conservation concerns.

What were some of the grave goods found in Shang imperial tombs?

ceramic sculptures, bronze vessels, silk fabrics, and jade artifacts and objects of personal adornment

What jewels begin with the letter I?

Imperial Jade Indian Agate Imperial Topez Imperial Mexican Jade Inca Emerald Indicolite Inverall Sapphire Iohite Irish Diamond Irradiated Diamond Italian Lapis Ivory Indigolite Indicolite Iolite

When will Pokemon jade come out in Canada?

December 22 2012

What does Green Jade mean?

green jade is a type of semi precious stone. they come in a variety of colours, but green is the most common.

What are the colors jade comes in?

Jade can come in a variety of colors, including green, white, lavender, yellow, and red. The most prized color is a deep, vibrant green known as "imperial jade."

Where did giada de laurentiis daughters name- Jade Marie come from?

Giada means Jade in Italian, so she named her after her own name.

Does jade ramsey have a facebook?

Yes, just put in Google 'Jade Ramsey Facebook' and it should come up! She also has a twitter account.

What country does the best jade come from?

The best jade comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma) and is known as Burmese jade. It is highly sought after for its quality and color. Other countries that produce jade include China, Russia, and Guatemala.

What kind of products were traded in the silk road?

Silk, Ivory, Jade, Glass, Spices (Black Pepper, Curry, Cloves), cloths, oils (not vegetable oil), weapons, and Gold were some of the things they traded.